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  1. Hey, about 2 days before fathers day i was smoking with some friends, we had some sort of purple stuff a friend of mine had got, and after he gave the rest to me, only about 2 bowl packs. So then saturday night, i was talking to my dealer and i was texting him, when i was doing it i was smoking a bowl, and then, i guess i forgot to delete the text messages because on fathers day my mother took my phone to call someone and read the messages...

    So, since then basically i've been grounded, and my parents keep saying how it leads to harder drugs etc etc, all bullshit. My dad used to smoke weed and he told me that, but he was in college so he says it isnt the same.. 2 months of being grounded, working in a kitchen expediting every day 8 hours a day since then, and now im ungrounded. Sort of.

    They are letting me hang out with people again and i got a new 9pm cerfew, but my dad was telling me today, dont fuck it up because someone is going to offer it to you again, and if they do, we will know if you take it.

    Just wondering, is there any way they could know besides a drug test or catchin me in the act? For the next couple months im going to let it die down and only do it if im sleeping over somewhere or at the beggining of the day, and suggestions?

    Thanks a ton.
  2. Grounded? What are you, 14?
  3. i thought more parents would be cool with it theses days...:(
  4. No, defintly NOT 14 because thats a TOS vialation, lets say for the sake of the arguement, im 18, not 14.

    any suggestions? because im not 14 almost 15.
  5. Wrong answer, kid.
  6. Don't be a hater man, they just want advice.

    Your parents sound strict, but they can't tell you've smoked for sure without a drug test. Some things to be careful of is the smell and red eyes.
  7. Wait til your an adult bud
  8. Right, because that's what everyone is doing these days. Lets just let the curious teens run around guessing what to do with drugs and fucking up themselves and their lives instead of guiding them and helping them.. Makes sense to me. :rolleyes:

    If they were old and mature enough to read the TOC and follow them then what the hell is the problem?
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    GC can get shut down if they let underage users on here, so it's quite a serious problem if they let them stay, and personally, I wouldn't like to see my favourite message board get deleted because of some selfish middle school brat.
  10. Sucks but that's the risk you take when you live in somebody else's house. I'm living with my aunt and uncle right now (for the summer) and they found an eighth of shrooms hidden in a fucking ceiling tile. (I know, right?) but it's whatever, as long as they don't call the cops and get me a ticket, they can keep my mushrooms.. I got them for free haha.
  11. Always got to delete those text messages man. There's no much you can do when your parents see them.
  12. that must have been awkward lol
  13. I was pretty fuckin ripped when I realized they were gone so I freaked out.. was pretty paranoid haha.

  15. Sophmore.
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