Got caught.

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  1. After two years of smoking under my parents roof i finally got caught today. I reeked of smoke and my dad smelled it. He asked if I had been smoking pot and I said I had. Him and my mom talked to me about it. Basically they said that they don't care whether or not it was healthy, they just didn't want me to get caught. I'll be receiving random drug tests for a while after this. So my plan is to smoke it up these next couple days then sell my stash and wait until I can take it up again. I'm really gonna miss it. And I'm not looking forward to getting migraines again.

  2. hmm, i say in your situation you don't have to pee clean in order to remain under the roof, just don't get caught. A lot say they're going to drug test, but never do. If they did the first time your excuse could be it must have been in my system still. Than you get clean.. Up to you, just don't be smelling around the house.
  3. If they don't want you getting caught, then why are they drug testing you? ;) (ask them)
  4. Yeah I'm probably good for the next week but after that I'll have to either be careful or take a break
  5. Haha:p
  6. just smoke with your parents
  7. Typical GC response. 8)

    So It looks like tonight will be my last night getting stoned for a while. Imma try and smoke a whole lot tonight.

    Atleast I still have that beautiful unmentionable fungi.
  8. what, am i not good enough for you, baby? i thought we had something
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  9. talk to your parents about it first. if they don't mind you doing it, and just don't want you getting in trouble b/c of it, confront them. ask them if it is ok to smoke in the house, or in the backyard, but ONLY in safe situations.

    they might not go for it, but what is the worst that can happen? you be in the same not being able to blaze situation you are in now?
  10. That sucks man. I assume you're 18+, and since you are planning to keep on smoking, I'd say man up, and have another talk with them and tell them you are going to smoke anyhow, but that you'll respect the rules of the house and that you won't smoke indoors. While you say that also explain that smoking outdoors brings risks with it.
  11. Explain to them the migranes and whatever maybe talk about getting a vape
  12. Definitely. I'll talk to them after all this dies down. My mom was pretty upset.

    Yeah I'm 18. This is the approach I'll probably take.

    I told them that I usually is edibles, which is true, so that kinda eased them.

    The reason my situation especially sucks is because my dad has somewhat of a past with unmentionables back in the late '80s and doesn't want me to go there. I can understand that, but I've been smoking for two years and haven't done anything other than cannabis. But it's whatever. I'll just take it easy for a while.

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