Got caught with parents... need advice.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WesleePipes85, Feb 6, 2004.

  1. Ok so here is what happened. Mom comes home and unlocks my door and enters my room. There she sees 4 stoned guys watching a movie with a bucket of water and a modified 2 liter bottle. Not goot, calls me down and tells me to take them home (and pot was brought up but of course I denied it). So while i'm gone she searches my room... she finds the bucket and the screen reeking of pot.

    Blah blah blah, skip to present. She said she will drug test me once a month to make sure i'm off the drug.

    What do I do? Should I seriously stop smoking, or should I say fuck it... she will forget about the monthly drug tests. Or will I just wing it and drink lots of water before we go (note I will most likely know of the test atleast 1 day ahead)? Any other suggestions would also be great!

    *Note... just to spite my mom, I smoked the day after I get caught with the same GB in the same place... and I have smoked every day since then... though that's only been 3. Woot! ;)
  2. why didnt u clean that shit up before u brought those guys home...anyways u might want to see if the first test goes through, if not continue smoking or just pass the drug test using other methods
  3. dude ya cant stop smoking, parents get over it, i havent been caught for smoking but they always get over this sort of shit. keep toking dude
  4. Not sure how your relationship is with your parents, or how old you are or anything, but try and sit down and talk to them about your "habit" and see how they feel about it. So long as your not smoking crack and murdering people (no offense to all the crack smokers and murderers at the City ;) ), it shouldn't be a huuuge deal. Four kids getting blazed and chilling out and watching a movie isn't the end of the world. Good luck to ya man.
  5. Well I know it's not THAT big of a deal, my dad did it when he was my age, but they don't want me doing it anymore. I didn't leave the shit out, I hid the bucket as best as I could have concidering it was full of water and I coudn't take it out of the room without running straight into my mom.
  6. The first time i got caught my mom was disapointed but not shocked... soo she sent me to my dads house... were for the first time in 17 years i found out he smokes pot... we now blaze regularly and its good cuz now i dont go down there ready to be bored... i go down ready to be blitzed
  7. Well...
    I wouldn't bank on the notion that your parents will just forget about it. So, maybe you should lay low for a while and pick up some detox stuff to clean you out all nice.

    I would try to find an ice breaker though to start talking about what it is you're doing, because it can be very akward to just sit down with them and just start talking about it.

    However, if she does just forget about it, then you're off the hook! Oh happy days.

    Good Luck to ya.
  8. i remember how i used to get worried about myself after reading these posts...then i found my moms weed and she cant do anything now!
  9. oh man in 8th grade i got caught lol and they were worried bc i did it in my bathroom by myself and they thought i was major pothead (i also used a popcan pipe which makes u look like a total pothead lol) anyways they gave me 3 ua's til i was clean and then i never got another one and started smoking up again in 9th grade lol and then just a few months ago my mom came into my bedroom and i had a vaporizor in my hands so she got mad and they discussed uaing again but they never did and i think they just think im going through a stage i told them a hole bunch of bs becuase was stonered up like how school makes me depressed and stuff so i dont think they mind that much and i get ok grades and work everyday after school :) so yeah they dont really mind i guess lol nice pluz i just gota car!!! woot ( volvo s70 1998 ) (first car :)!)

  10. accually, using a popcan as a pipe makes you look fucked up... and will make you that way aswell if ya do it enough....

  12. my parents are psychos....i mean this
    They never ever did drugs EVER! which is some heavy shit, plus my mom is a goody 2 shoes

    The first time i got caught i walked in to my mom hittin me in the head with her clogs, i hate those motherfuckers, anyways, the first time i got caught it was like "if u do it again you out"

    but wut usually happens is they stop caring as much, its weird, the first time u get caught it blows, but everytime u get caught its less and less trouble

    i mean my mom knows im a pothead now, besides i had some other drug probs like dxm and she read up on that and it scared the shit outta her, so shes glad i smoke weed, she believes that everyone is entitled to their own opinion
  13. I'm trying DXM for the first time this weekend... word!
  14. you most definatly wanna sit down and talk about it and tell her the straight up truth. Show her erowid and maybe even this place but becareful because if she sees anything about other drugs on here she might get paranoid.

    If that doesnt work, your mom isnt listening to you, but then just wait for the test and then smoke after that.

  15. Don't do it out of spite. You should know better than that.

    And with a drug test every month you couldn't smoke at all. Unless you go for the "American Beauty"-approach.....but your parents've probly seen that movie, too.

    Sitt down and have a good talk with yer parents, maybe you can explain some things to them. They definitely need that.

    After all-weed ain't bad
  16. i'm lost.. what's the american beauty approach? i've never seen that movie. haha
  17. I've heard somewhere dxm can cause a false positive on an opiate test?
  18. One guy in American Beauty had a supply of clean piss in a fridge in his room. He gave that to his dad instead of his own...
  19. if your honest with your parents then they will trust you what ever you do and its cool

  20. Hehe... i'm on it right now.

    When I got to the point that it was too hard to scrape 50 together for an 1/8th i decided to just buy robotussin and get fucked off that for a while.

    4 bucks for a 4oz bottle that will fuck you up way more than smokin a 20 bag.

    ugh... i'm quiting soon though, it's fucking disgusting choking down robo. And plus it's getting boring, I did 8oz last weekend, was fucked out of my mind, thought that i was in a rainforest for about 40 minutes... but it wasn't really that cool to me since i've already tripped on it like 10000 times.

    I'm doin shrooms my first time this weekend, it should be sweet.

    p.s. i'm hardcore stoned right now smoked a g by myself like 20 minutes ago :)

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