Got caught today but the cop didnt take it

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  1. Instead he made me drop the bag out the window, then get out of the door and pick it up again. Then i had to walk to the front of the car and dump my entire bag on the ground and grind it up with my feet till it was powder. Cop did me a huge favor by not giving me a ticket or a warning. SOOOOO lucky.
  2. Dude this happened to me too. I had a pipe caked with resin...I'm a total stoner...I had to crumble about 2 grams and then he poured water after making me stomp it out....

    I kept the pipe,he sAid he didn't want it...

    No bs.
  3. same thing happened to me with a few friends..

    I guess they watched us holding the bags at dunkin donuts (pig central)
    It not not more than a block for them to pull us over..

    My driver's cop said he pulled us over for her not wearing a seatbelt.
    My cop was straight to the point and asked "How much do you have?" with a flashlight burning out my eyes. I responded, None, that I know of (so I technically wouldn't being lying if I didnt know).

    They found it in a heartbeat but decided to rip the rest of the car up anyway.
    One cop stood by us in the freezing rain while the other ripped it up.

    For some reason, my driver's cop didn't take the weed or write up a report..

    the blunt that was rolled later that night become the most appreciated blunt session ever.. lol
  4. i think it's part of cop school or something. almost every stoner has had a similar run in with the law. what's really nice is when the cop doesn't give a crap and leaves your bag on the dash and tells you to go home and not toke up there anymore
  5. [quote name='"Mr. Squishy"']same thing happened to me with a few friends..

    I guess they watched us holding the bags at dunkin donuts (pig central)
    It not not more than a block for them to pull us over..

    My theory holds true. Nobody ever gets arrested AT the donut shop.
  6. i guess MN isn't a bad state for possession?
  7. Oh man you a total stoner? Cooool man, I can see why you have neg rep you bit fat troll (or a kid that smokes because he thinks its the cool thing to do, idk) ;)

  8. I can see why you have over 1000 posts with less rep than me.
  9. :( at least I don't have neg rep :eek:
  10. its like with some cops you tell them the truth they let you go

    some cops, you tell the truth they arrest you

    some cops, you lie, they dont find it, you get away with it
    other cops, you lie, they find it, they take you

    its so confusing
  11. I did lie to him at first. But then he came back and could smell it big time and said that he had probable cause now.
  12. This reminds me of a story my uncle told me. He said he was in a small town with one of his buddies, cruising around and toking. They get pulled over by a cop, and the cop straight up says "alright, where is the weed?". His friend was freaking the fuck, and gave the bag to the cop.

    The cop says "You guys like smoking pot, huh? Well come on then, smoke it". They were hesitant at first, but the cop said they were going to be arrested if they didn't smoke it. They sit there for like 45 minutes, while the cop watches them smoke ALL of their weed. After they are done, the cop says "i don't want to see you guys in this town again" and leaves.

    Tl;dr a cop forces my uncle and his friend to smoke all their weed.
  13. Has you uncle also caught a 40lb trout back in '76?

  14. Was your uncle in Vermont and caught by the ex highway patrol after they caught the local police force helping smugglers and started policing their town?

  15. Dudeee you just said it all
  16. The cop should of just made them smoke it all right there and then ask them if they had any weed them lol. It would be mean but nice of him at the same time.
  17. You're real lucky. Everyone I know in Minnesota who has been pulled over with weed before has never been arrested, simply had it confiscated is all. I guess the term Minnesota Nice is true...
  18. Haha I haven't been pulled over yet . *Knock on wood *

    But I never bring shit with me in my car just for that purpose. Those sneaky guys are out there in unmarked undercover cars. I swear!

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