Got caught smoking in the bathroom...

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  1. I've recently been starting to smoke in my bathroom before I hop in the shower. Did everything I'd normally do so it doesn't smell, and what gives it away? The towel under the door...

    I'm 19 and still live with my parents, but since the towel blocked the bottom of the door normally you'll see the light at the bottom from someone being in there. But it gave it away to my mom. Overheard her saying "he's smoking in the bathroom"

    Anyways, I thought this was 100% easy way to smoke. Neither my mom nor dad has said anything yet. I'm sure my dad will first but wow, rookie mistake on my part...
  2. I always laugh at the towel at the bottom of the door trick, smoke rises, see-> :smoke:  
    But imo there is no real way to smoke inside without it being noticeable, even vaping leaves a distinct odor.  Just go outside man.
  3. Oh and if you think you rents will take your stash quick split it up, and if you need to give it to them hand them a small nug and say that's all that's left.  Never did this personally but I don't see why it wouldn't work.
  4. kids...aint they cute. :smoking:
  5. Not sure if they'll go through my room, they already know I smoke so this isn't like surprising news
  6. Ya dun goofed!
  7. I just dont understand smoking in the bathroom.
    Smoke in your bedroom and open a window.
    It accomplishes the same goal only now you have the advantage of a bigger window and fan
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    So instead of smoking in a bathroom, able to cover up the smell with a shower, also the privacy of a bathroom.
    Youre gonna smoke in the room where smoke blows back in the window, plus if its a bowl, the smoke off of that pushing back into the room. And youre parents walking in whenever they want.
    Edit: even if you have a fan, the smells still gonna come back in a little bit
  9. The smell will not come back in your window if you have the door sealed off. Period. Air pressure going out is key.
  10. That's what I do I just turn the lights off first...I also use a pax and I do it when my parents think I'm sleeping

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  11. Quickly make a few stash hiding spots with weed so when they find one stash they will think that's it and you will still have more hidden in other places.

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  12. find new parents
  13. Next time, turn the shower on, steam will also remove the smell 
  14. Unless u have a window in the bathroom it will usually be noticeable

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  15. yo that sounds exctly like how i got caught back in hs hahahah she asked why no light was comin from the bottom of the door and put 2 an 2 together

    Op listen to me, stand on the toilet, hit your bowl, cover with palm of hand and inhale any smoke that could roll off the bowl, hold in and blow very slowly directly into the exhaust fan

    After getting caughht with the towel thing i started doing that an was never caught in my bathroom again

    Why not just go outside much simpler
  16. buy a gas mask filter and blow your hits into it to remove all smell.
  17. Either this or just get a vape to be stealthy. Is that you in your avi? 
  18. @[member="shaddytheman"] Nah just some random black dude lol
    It is me

    I have a vape myself. Pax by Ploom
  19. LOL I gotta get me a vape, but I'm a broke college student so times is hard. 
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    Sounds like you should follow the rules of the adults who so generously let you live at their house through nothing more than the kindness of their hearts and not bring schedule one narcotics onto the premises if they do not want you to.

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