Got caught in Georgia.

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  1. Got caught by the cops, they took my weed(about .5gs), bubbler, and grinder.

    Got a ticket for 'POSSESSION OF MARIJUANA LESS THAN 1 OZ'. Court is on Nov 10.

    Has anyone else had this happen to them in GA? What should I expect? Many people said I should lawyer up to avoid it going on my permanent record.

    Advice please.
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    The Georgia court sure "WONT AINTPLAYIN WITCHA"!!!
  3. if this is your first offense you should be fine man. maybe a few hours of community service and probably an online class about how horrible weed is for you and how deadly it can be hahah. go ahead and get a lawyer it will make your odds much better. talk to your lawyer about getting it "expunged", which is much better then getting it dropped of your record.
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    I live in Georgia and many of my friends have caught the same charge and I would expect 2-10 months probation. This all really varies on your judge and your record though. Also non-felony probation in Georgia is a joke, all you really do is go to the probation office once a month and check in. When I was on probation I only got piss tested the first time I went in and my officer would give me a heads up if they were going to do a mandatory piss test that everyone had to do. Also this is off subject but you must play paintball.

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