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Got caught finally.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Euca, May 9, 2011.

  1. Any tips on talking to close minded parents? Extremely at that. He thought bud was crack...

  2. try to show them facts and prove that the myths arent true. but honestly there isnt really any way to get through to ur parents if they already believe its bad they probably wont change their mind
  3. Good luck, inform them and try to show them they are ignorant without undermining there intelligence

  4. Bud is crack.
  5. ok, here is an idea.

    say look dad, I know we disagree on this subject. I am my own individual and it is crucial to my cultural devolpment to experiment, as well as normal in society. To quench my curiosity I reasearched many drugs and decided that marijuana was ok to try, while other drugs pose serious risks (meth, coke, acid [just say it]) and that it is not your intent to become a drug addict. Offer him to listen to his concerns, but in return he must watch something you have prepared to educate him on the facts of marijuana and the absurdity of it being a schedual one drug.

    It will help if your in a medical state.

    good luck. if all else fails, keep smoking and lie.

  6. lmao i like this
  7. Show him this, or 'The Union'

    [ame=]YouTube - WHEN WE GROW, This is what we can do (Full Documentary)[/ame]

  8. you mean ignorant?
  9. get them high
  10. oddsa 3 grams to 1 gram hash that they are republicans. any takers?
  11. Yeah...Tell them you quit and don't get fuckin' caught again.

    Some people, suffices to say...cannot be convinced otherwise.
  12. They are republicans

    And Ive already talked to my mom some, my dad just will not listen.
  13. Move out? You're eighteen right?...Right? If this is not an option you should not be smoking as you need the support of your parents to sustain yourself.... Realistically you can't convince them of anything until you can support yourself and show them that you are not a free loading pot head.
  14. #14 GBG, May 9, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: May 9, 2011
    So you are saying that unless you live on your own, you can't smoke weed?

    Well an 18 year old can't just "move out" buddy. It's a little harder than just one day waking up and wanting to move out.. generally 18 year olds don't have the money to live on their own. Not to mention that some 18 year olds are in high school still.

    I would also like to ask you, have you ever heard of something called a JOB? It's crazy, I know, but an 18 year old can actually support oneself with this job thing. You know, so they aren't a "free loading pot head."

    I still don't understand how you can say that "Move out? You're eighteen right?...Right? If this is not an option you should not be smoking as you need the support of your parents to sustain yourself...."

    How in the fuck can you tell him that he should not be smoking because he lives with ignorant parents?

    /stoned rambling
  15. ^ this is true. its not realistic but its principle.

  16. Haha did that to my mom once.....well, not really. I told her not to eat those cookies.... :rolleyes:
  17. keep smoking and don't get caught.
  18. I am eighteen, and I'm a server. Realistically I can support myself, however it's losing my car and whatnot too. I can afford a bike, it's just a lot to work with you know? I need time to move out and this is short notice, but ultimately I'm going to.
  19. Sort of... My position should become clear by the end of my post.

    This is my point. If you are still in high school and you need your parents for any reason you are obligated to follow their rules even if you disagree.

    This is one of the reasons cannabis legalization is going to be difficult. Kids are misinterpreting the idea of responsible adult use of cannabis. I don't encourage smoking cannabis in this situation just like I would not condone the use of alcohol. Both illegal for someone under 21.

    Yes and if in fact some one is splitting the bills / paying an agreed amount in rent then they would need to flesh out the full terms of that arrangement. I rented a room with some one who was not pro-cannabis (in fact, until I bailed him out of a few tight situations he thought I was a bum.) All it took for him to allow me to smoke was for me to do it outside or in my room when he had a patio party.

    If my position is not clear after the above post please post any additional questions or comments.
  20. Sounds like someone hasn't had a smoke today?

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