Got Caught by a Neighbor..

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by darbensblue, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. I live in a apartment complex that has its own little building set aside for a gym. Its a chill place that most people dont visit (apartments filled with old people :)) Anyways, there is a second story in the gym building and it has a little deck thats perfect for smoking. So had some mates over passing the pipe around and suddenly we hear someone coming up the stairs.

    Scared shitless, we stash the pipe and all of our stuff just in time as the screen door opens and some 60+ year old guy comes out with a grumpy look. He asks if we live there, I say yes, and he starts getting mean/accusing, asking what my unit number was, who was the smoker, etc.

    I tried to be respectful but still tell him off that since I lived there I had every right to be there if I wanted and that since he had no proof of what he was accusing us of I wasnt going to continue talking to him. Still killed my high though, left our chill spot and my friends had to drive home and I had to come home to my dad fully blazed. (Still living at home, community college ftw)

    Just a bad way to top off a shitty day of having the flu. :( Had to think up of all my comebacks and conversation while way too high
  2. so you live in an apartment with your dad or what? i inferred that you were living on your own.
  3. That sucks man. Although smoke isn't hard to see, therefore smoking up there probably wasn't the best idea living in an apartment complex and all.

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