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  1. aight. so thursday(got friday off), I came to skool with a bottle of hooch.I kept it in my locker for the day. in third period a kid asks me to hold some coke for him. So, being a good friend, I obliged. At the end of the day 2 of my friends ask me to buy them some fire ass chronic from a dealer I knew. So I did. When I got back to skool the administration found out about the coke and searched me, my locker and my backpack. I ratted my friends out and now I feel like shit. One of them called me later at my house and were hella chill now, but i shouldnt have ratted. So I ended up getting charged with possesion of coke and traficking marijuana. The AP of disipline didnt think he should put in the bottle of Jack and Vicodin they found in my locker(kind of a "kick em when hes down"kind of thing).

    Any body have anything similar happen to them?
  2. Bad shit on the ratting. Sometimes they lie to get you to admit shit, so never rat.
  3. i dont even know where to begin, i know you know this but DONT bring shit to school your just asking to get caught.. and dont narc.. sucks to hear about that tho
  4. You shoulda kept it on you. THen you wouldnt of got busted. And its definitly not cool you ratted, you agreed to hold it.
  5. We don't take kindly to NARCs, I suggest you just leave and don't return if you like to NARC. Because your not wanted.

  6. fuck that. if im holding fuckin coke for someone and i get caught. FUCK THAT. not only would i not hold onto a drug like that in the first place but if i got caugtht with his coke, and getting caught was like at all my fault. hell ya im gonna say whos coke it is. ur buddy shouldnt b doin shit like that in the first place.
  7. and last time i checked a narc is a person who gets caught then they get payed or somthing like that to give info.
  8. AFD whats up your ass? He had good reason to do what he did even though it wasn't a good idea to hold a friends coke nor bring a bottle and vicodin to school.

    This is whats in your sig:Follow my cause and put down immaturity!:
    Viva La Revolution!!!
    But aren't you acting immature? Telling someone to leave just because they told the truth. I'm pretty sure that there is a point in everyones life when they narc.
  9. Are you kidding me? That's not immaturity. If you are down to hold someones shit, you shouldn't narc on them. If you are participating in using ILLEGAL drugs, then you should have enough courtesy not to give out names. Think about it Zilla, what if someone gave your name up, causing you to get caught, how'd you feel? I've been narc'ed out before, it isn't fun. Let's just say anyone who narcs around here... doesn't stay around here long.

  10. AFD U need to chill out. I gave out two names and one of them im chill with. the other i havent talked to yet.Not a day goes by that I wish i hadnt shot my mouth off to the pigs.
  11. Hey man, it wasn't me who gave out the names. I'm just speaking from the point that HAS been narc'ed on, and let me tell you, it's not fun. It's like being stabbed in the back and then having the person pour gasoline in your wounds, then throwing a lighter on you and laughing at you. Then when they ask for forgivness, it's almost like they just threw a bucket of water on you to put the fire out and say "oh, sorry, my bad". It doesn't change anything.

  12. loose lips sink ships. im with afd on this one, thats all im saying
  13. id give ya rep, but i have to spread some around first.

  14. Tight, I want that shirt. Where can I buy one? Could ya send me a PM over with it?

  15. i'm with wykid and AFD...we have an old saying...."the kid who tells on the other a dead kid" and we usually stick to it. fuck snitching. fuck ratting on your friends. you think that's what being a "friend" is? fuck no. you just showed some school administrator more loyalty than you showed your own boys. i would have whooped your ass if i was them.
  16. you got busted for coke anyway and a trafiicking charge isnt that worse, so why get your friends in shit if you were going down for the whole thing anyway, plus narcs suck asshole, nothing worse than getting a call to office cause officer dipshit got your name, but even if your didnt in trouble cause of the narc they will know your a fuck up anyway cause they just found your buddy dealing shit at school. personally i woulkdnt go to school with shit i didnt want anyone to know about
  17. As we say in Boomtown, "Snitches get stiches, and end up in ditches."

    I'm with AFD, on this shit. I'm not in the Narc Fan Club.

  18. +rep for that classic ww2 saying.

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