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Got busted yesterday

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by iwantsalvia, Feb 11, 2009.

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    I have court in a week. Prob wont be able to smoke for a year. If I smoke now is it going to make much of a difference. Cause if they drug test me they knew weed was there. What should I do finsh my 2 grams or sell it.
  2. If youre going to fail the drug test already just go ahead and smoke it. But if you would pass the drug test definitely don't smoke, you can't get in more trouble for having weed in your system. But, it will surely make you look a lot worse and probably get you a less leinant punishishment. Just my thoughts :):bongin:
  3. Thanks thoughts and advice are all I am looking for
  4. damn bro, sorry to hear that

    if you aren't going to be smoking i'd toke up and enjoy it
  5. Man that sux probation and drug testing sucks. But u never kno if this is your first time busted they might let u slide alittle. But if u gotta test next week and you already have it in your system or w,e i say go for it and smoke those last 2 gs may b the best high u will ever experience
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    Funny you say that, I actually just had my trial today for related offenses. From what I understand, they COULD test you on the date of your hearing, but only AFTER receiving sentencing (so any concerns about it affecting your punishment are out the window). However, a positive test WILL give them reason to watch you more closely, and will probably result in more frequent drug tests over the course of your probation.

    Again, that's what I was told today, because I asked my lawyer the same question (since I smoked a few days ago and wasn't sure if they'd pull out the piss cup on me today, fortunately they didn't).

    EDIT: I'd say smoke it up. I know courts differ wherever you go, but it's very unlikely that they would test you the day of.
  7. stay clean for the test. they added like 6 months more of diversion for failing the test for my buddy.
  8. Ouch man, sucks that you got busted.

    If i ever get busted, i'm purchasing a Whizzinator and going to my drug test baked.

    Anyway man, i'd just smoke the crap out of it, if your gonna fail your DT anyway might as well get uber baked.

    When i pick up a quarter tommorow, the virgin bowl is gonna be for you(first bowl out of the bag, in case somebody gets confused)
  9. To the OP, you could always purchase some synthetic urine, google that shit if you are interested. It brings a peace of mind, I tell you.
  10. just ride it out. i went through the same thing, had to quit for a whole year.. but down the road that year will seem like nothing. weed will always be there
  11. Might not be as easy as you think, the Whizzinator company got shut down buy the feds. If interested just google "Whizzinator pleads guilty"

    To the OP, if I were you I'd toke it up instead of sell it


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