got bored, got high, picked up a penicil and drew

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    I whipped this up a couple of hours ago after I picked up a bag, it's been a while but anyways, it's not done just seeing what anyone thinks, my friends are all out so nobody to show

    pic is from my camera

    please if you are going to criticize then please make it constructive

    also +rep to anyone who can tell me who I was thinking of when I drew this
  2. It looks dope. I wish i had that skill of just being able to sketch something really clean and definitive (like your drawing) out just like that.

    Is it god? someone religious? My guess probably fails.

  3. your somewhat on the right track
  4. haha I spelled pencil penicil, sounds like a medication, like a cheap version of Viagra or some shit
  5. My guess is Moses. It looks very good
  6. christopher lee, from the lord of the rings 2 ?

    I was actually gonna say it looked like an ent then I saw the guess part and I was like holy shit I'm psychic.

    EDIT: Wait it's religious? Fuck
  8. haha i was gonna say gandalf. but looks very cool.
  9. I was actually going for an extra creepy version of Joseph Ratzinger, he gives me the creeps
  10. I was actually going to guess DaVinci or something.

    Anyway, it looks pretty cool so far. I'm kind of interested to see how it turns out.
  11. Kind of reminds me of like..
    Father time or Gandhi?
  12. Chuck Norris? Kinda? Maybe about to roundhouse someone? Great picture by the way.
  13. [​IMG]

    well here's where it's going, they never go exactly where I was hoping but I try, kind of like shooting a bottle rocket at your friend, but I'll finish it eventually or it'll be added to the giant pile of unfinished drawings in my room. thanks to those who stopped by
  14. Well going somewhere with something is always better than going nowhere with nothing. Keep at it, lad.

  15. what a fucking brilliant simile. Brilliant. I'm not being sarcastic.

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