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  1. Well ill admit, it probably wasnt a good idea but we always used to go up to this place called Abenaki Tower near Wolfeboro, NH to blaze and drink a few brews... hindsight is 20/20 though

    anyway, we went up there last night, had just packed a bowl and cracked a brew, had literally two sips from the can and was about to light the bowl when this cop rolls up. He asks us to come down from the tower, so we do, and he asks us if anyone has beer. Three of us, myself included, thought it would be a good idea to be honest, hopefully the cop would be lenient with us if we were cooperative and told the truth.

    Long story short, our honesty just got us fucked... one of us honest guys managed to slip his way out of trouble but that left the two of us, a 19 and an 18 year old, to have our bags and pockets searched, handcuffs placed on us both, and set down in the back of a cop car. Now i dont know about you guys, but those cars are tiny as hell, especially for a big guy like myself. They left the two of us in the car, all the windows closed, with a shitty radio station on, for about 30 minutes while they ran breathalyzers and FSTs on everyone else. After a while, they brought me out, had me take a breath test, I blew 0's, as i would have expected after two sips... got driven to the jail cell in the middle of nowhere, literally down a two-mile dirt road, got bailed out by my boss and taken back to the camp we work at, where we were promptly fired and given the night and morning to pack our bags.

    to put salt in the wound, these cops were being huge pricks about this whole affair. We were nothing but cooperative and respectful, but these guys were just plain rude about everything. One of them even tried to take my insulin pump out, something that i need to have attached 24/7. When they searched my bag, my phone charger just happened to fit one of the officer's phones; lo and behold this morning when im looking for my phone charger, it's gone.

    Were pretty much good now, we have a court date sometime in september, which sucks cause its in NH which is a good 2-3 hours from Boston, but we'll probably end up taking some courses and doing some community service or probation or something along those lines

    long story short, i got arrested with my friend, nothing too crazy but still an interesting turn of events
  2. i have been there and its cool shit. until a bunch of 18-19 year olds come and blow up the spot and attract cops
  3. i mean the tuftonboro PD sends patrols up there twice a night... not like we blew it up, its been hot since the 70's when they put the new tower up.

    We were only gonna spend like fifteen minutes up there anyway, we just happened to get unlucky... wrong place, wrong time i guess
  4. Damn so its like a stoner tower now?
  5. eh, mostly at night... although ive never seen anyone else except my friends and i up there at night.

    during the day, you can see really far, people go up there to enjoy the view, which is amazing. When i was a camper, about 8 or 9, we used to go there during evening sometimes to watch the sunset. There's a bunch of graffiti at the top, but its pretty tame, nothing too bad

    still a great place to go for the view, also for ripping a quick bowl or something if no one is around. Head back towards Wolfeboro, hit up Pier 19 and just go for a cruise... good times

    you from around there?
  6. sounds better for an l so if a cop rolls up, you'd have plenty of time to get rid of any evidence :)
  7. I hate it when cops are dicks, I mean the least they can do is be respectful right back.

    It's their job to give you tickets and stop you from doing bad things, their attitude is completely up to them though.
  8. Dude, that sucks, get a lawyer. You are gonna have some fines too since your 18. Expect to be broke for a long time. Fuck the system, picking on teenage kids who did that same thing they did and would have done. You could get away with this because of what the cops did to your charger and tried to do to your insulin pump.
  9. Report the cop for taking your shit.
  10. You have to be careful when fighting charges. When I got arrested they did way more fucked up shit but I only had a 50/50 chance of winning the case. The problem was if I lost I couldn't do the ARD thing. I also agree get a lawyer, it might save you money.
  11. i remember when i got arrested........the cop car i was in had no AC and he wouldn't put down my window even after politely asking....and the cuffs were extremely tight.
  12. That's hella stupid, and you are to for telling the truth lol. You're on top of a tower, haven't even smoked yet and had 2 sips of beer. On a tower, with cops ground level. Hmm. You snitched on your self lmao.
  13. Again...... Fuck cops, those kind i'd do messed up stuff to.
  14. All cops do is bother good people, OP I would have done what you did, be honest and hope they arn't a holes about it. To bad it didnt turn out the way you planned it to.
    GL with dealing with the bullshit court etc
  15. It was a good idea to try to be honest, just not with New hampshire cops son.
  16. I'm from New Hampshire, And I recently heard about 8 camp counselors being fired for weed *Sigh. However, would there be a slight chance that you might be one of them? I definitely felt bad for those 8 people, and it definitely sucks to arrested.
  17. nope, i wasn't part of those 8

    sucks for them though =/
  18. mhmmm, And it must suck for you to. Probation is a bitch.
  19. eh it could be worse, i could have diabetes or something like that

    .... oh wait a second :D

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