Got any good scary movies?

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  1. Watching scary movies while i'm high is one of my favorite things to do. I watched silence of the lambs while I was high as fuck last night and it scared the shit out of me. Anybody got some good scary movies?
  2. Ring - THE JAPANESE ORIGINAL! (sorry, but the American version is shite in comparison...)
    Magnolia - ok, can't remember how scary it actually is but its quite wierd and confusing as hell when you're SOBER...
    Quatermass and the Pit...
    The Grudge
    er...whatsit..."carol-anne" whatever it is - "the tv people"...whats it called that one?

    Ginger Snaps 1 & 2
    The Fly (original 1958 version)

    er...thats all I can think of straight off the top ov me 'ead!
  3. "The human catapillar"
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    house of a 1000 corpses
    devil's rejects
    death proof
    hills have eyes is fun
    the descent
    black creek (or something like that it's about nazi experiment in the US)

    fuck if i remember more i'll come back and edit and add em.
  5. No, they all suck.
  6. Scary Movie 1

  7. Haha that movies hilarious :D
  8. lol you got the name wrong, and that movie looks like shit. I know people who have seen it, its just gnarley and gross, not scary.
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    Fuckin crazy with the guy in the rear view mirror of the car. Shit ima download that tonight.

    The Descent
    Paranormal Activity 2
  10. Go look up movies about serial killers theres some real good ones out there.
  11. Dead Set, running zombies+big brother=scary
  12. i love horror movies, check these out

    session 9
    eden lake
  13. BLAIR WITCH PROJECT. holy shit, that movie fucked me up. i dont get scared easily at all.. i couldnt get it out of my mind for about 2 months. oh my god. i dont advise it high. not at all.

    do it.. if you dare.
  14. Seen it.

    For a movie with no budget, and nothing actually within the movie, its scary as fuck. Seriously I was scared shitless
  15. ^^ you guys cereal? i lmao through the whole thing the way they handled problems was hilarious for some reason.
  16. Hmm.

    Ringu, as someone stated, but make sure it's the Japanese version. The original is always better than the American remake.

    Someone also said Quarantine, which is another good point. If you've seen Quarantine already or haven't, watch REC. It's the original Spanish version, and it's way scarier than the remake.

    The first 3 SAW and Final Destination movies were good. The rest of the Final Destination movies sucked, and if you aren't a die-hard fan of the first three SAW flicks, you won't like the rest of them. I loved SAW 1, and watched the rest of them, right up to the 3D one. They started to get worse as they progressed, but I was so into the story I had to watch all of them to get closure. Trust me, if you invest time to see the first 3, there is a huge twist in the 7th that goes back to the first film that the hardcore fans will appreciate. Also, the FD and SAW series aren't "scary" per se, but more thrilling and bad ass, 'specially when you're high.

    Uh, Hostel was decent.

    Let The Right One In was pretty creepy.

    Stay Alive was a pretty cool concept of a movie, and it was pretty creepy at parts.

    Yeah, I'll come back to this thread when I think of all the others I like.


    REC 1 & 2
    First 3 SAW and Final Destination
    Stay Alive
    Let The Right One In
  17. The first Resident Evil is pretty good idk why i just like the way they made the zombies act although the last 1/4 is kinda stretched.
  18. I still think Silent Hill is one of the scariest movies.
  19. Blair Witch is fuckin scary and its so much better cuz its not just another bloody slasher film that we've seen a million times...

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