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  1. Well so yesterday I was with some friends and we had been drinking all day (tailgating before fball game) and usually cops are cool with underrage drinking (here they are bc its a college campus) but not yesterday. We were walking through campus to the tailgating spot and two "cops" came up behind us in a golf cart asking if we were 21 (we were carrying beer cases, yes stupid on our part) and I told him no (I have a fake, but decided not to show him it) but my friend told him yes. He started asking him questions and then told him that if he looked him up and he wasn't 21, he would issue a warrant for his arrest for lying to him (I forgot what he called it) and my friend quickly told him no. Anyways, the guy took our information down and gave us MIP's and told us that as long as we pay the fine it wouldn't go on our record. From what I have heard from my friends who have gotten them before, they have told me its anywhere from $200-$400 to pay it.

    However, I am from Texas but go to college in Louisiana and I am transfering to a college in texas in the spring. One of my friends-friend is a cop, and he said that if I choose not to pay the ticket then I would get a warrant for my arrest, but ONLY Louisiana cops could arrest me for it. Now, I have three months from yesterday to pay the ticket, which would put me past the end of the semester and I would probably be back in Texas. I only plan on coming back to Louisiana to visit on occasion.

    Now GC, if you were in my position would you pay the ticket just so you wouldn't risk getting arrested OR would you just say f*** it and spend that money on better things (an OZ for example :hello:). I will be going to college in Texas in the Spring and wont come back to Louisiana very often, if at all.
  2. Pay it, you will be punching yourself when your fine triples and you have to sit in jail.
    Your a college student.. why would you want to jeopardize your good fortune?
  3. haha fuck paying it.
  4. Flee the county man ur in some thick shit.
    Go down to Mexico, you will meet a contact of mine named Jose.
    He will issue you a new soc. sec. card and birth certificate. you will have have to change ur appearance and possibly eliminate anyone who knew u in your past life.

    or pay the ticket. idk. seems like the pussy way out.
  5. Usually if they catch you skippin out on that they'll give you a couple days in the clinker
  6. just dont pay it and dont drive when your back in Louisiana.

    unless you were gonna donate some $$ to the state anyway
  7. thats fucking bad ass if you dont pay it
  8. pay it. if you dont there will be a warrant for your arrest.
  9. Fuck that shit, just don't drive a car or draw attention to yourself when you're back in Louisiana.
  10. If you have a warrant, it will show up no matter what state you're in. A buddy of mine and myself were camping one night and we both got MIPs in a different state that we lived in. I went to court the next week and paid my $300 fine and got my record clean, but my buddy decided not to pay because he thought he could only get arrested in Georgia.

    Two weeks ago he was pulled over, came up with a warrant, and was sent BACK to where we got our charges and sat in jail for a day or two and had his fine increased by an assload.

    Of course, it's up to you. Running from the law isn't too fun.
  11. when i got my mip the fine was $60

    just pay it
  12. Do you ever plan of getting a job, because they tend to check your criminal record.
  13. Pay it dude it will go on your record and you will get fucked sooner or later.
  14. Just pay it ha have a kegger with your buddy and just charge 5 bucks a head to drink, you will have enough money for your fine in no time, at least that's what we did ;).

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