Got a realitive/sibling you smoke with?

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by criteriamaster, Jun 30, 2017.

  1. I use to hate my brother, like I legitimately never wanted to see him again because he was such an ass. Last fall he extended the olive branch saying it was useless to fight, but I still stayed clear of him. Then one day I found out he was into game of thrones and I started talking to him about the lore and the show amd books. At one point, our mom walked in on us and was really happy we were getting along. Little did she know he would be packing me a bowl less than an hour later. Now we're out nearly every night walking around the neighborhood high as fuck. Got a favorite relative to smoke with? Wanna share a story about them? I'd love to hear it
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  2. I wish I did.
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  3. Nice story, great that two awesome things like ganja and GoT brought you two closer together.

    Recently, I've been smoking with my brother, too. We always had a good relationship, but he's only now starting to light up more, so even more chances will arise in the near future.

    It's a very cool thing to be able to toke up with your family.
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  4. My crazy aunt marry who I call bubby. She talks me to def but her stories from when she was a crack head and a prostitute are to die for.:smoke:
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  5. Been smoking with my brother recently. Used to try and get him to smoke when we were younger but he's just now getting into it. Our sessions have been pretty chill so far.

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  6. I smoke with my grandma an my pops sometimes when I go over. Seeing her high, she's a completely different person. Calm cool relaxed, not a bitch it's awesome. My brother's can't smoke, one has asthma, the other works for the guberment. An the last one does unmentionables.

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  7. I bet she has some real interesting tales lol
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  8. I have seven brothers and sisters, but I am the only one in the family who smokes weed. I smoke weed with my housemates all the time though.
  9. You have no idea lol
  10. Yes my brother!!
  11. I've smoked with all of my immediate fanily...little brother, older brother, mom and dad. Also with my grandpa. None on the regular thougg, closest family member to me is my dad at 4.5 hours. M
    1 brother is 10 hours away, mom and other brother 14 hours. Grandparents 6 and 12 hours. I'm all alone :(
  12. I used to smoke with my mom but she like regs. She always says that it's to strong. I tried to tell her that you can get quality without so much strength. I guess she's to old school
  13. Spent years watching my nephew grow up and always day dreamed about one day sharing a toke with him. It finally happened last summer at my birthday party (with full permission by his Dad I hasten to add). Have always got on with him but jeez, the laughs we had. Happy days :)

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