got a mini butane torch lighter.

Discussion in 'General' started by TheFxckingHero, Apr 29, 2006.

  1. I just picked this up from lowes for smoking salvia and burning holes in random things. this thing is badass. it's about the size of a regular bic lighter, with a keychain attached. refillable with butane. auto ignites. way cooler than any zippo. amaaazing. i'm just afraid of melting one of my fingers off when i'm fucked up. hahah. :)
  2. pocket blowtorches. They're used for soldering.

    I like regular old bics.
  3. salvia will work with a bic if you have a bong and hold the flame on it for the entire hit
  4. lets see some pics of this bad boy
  5. I've smoked salvia before. I know it will work with a normal lighter, but it will work better with a torch lighter. i'm gonna use the torch lighter with some regular salvia leaves in a gravity bong and see if i can get the same effects as the 5x extract in a pipe. should be good times. alright i'll take a picture of it! i want to get a picture with the flame lit but i'll need a friend here to help me, because I can't light it and take the picture at the same time haha.
  6. i've tried torches on bongs before...they seem to incinerate the weed. caches the bowl way to quickly. but they are awesome to look at.
  7. Nova Bong hits are awesome, its like your cashing an entire bowl in one it, its intense, and it gets you seriously faded.

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