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    I was just wondering how many of you blades are unemployed, how many of you have jobs, and how many of you have found your career. Answer the pole and if you don't have a job explain how you pay for your habit, i am currently waiting for a job to fall into my lap, and i pay for my weed by saving up all my money and buying in bulk.
    (its private BTW)
  2. I have a job.

    Use to be a big time dilla.

    Moved on because the cops watch me like a hawk round here.
  3. Unemployed, havent been able to buy too much really, doing chores around the house ect. for money and saving it up.

    Ive been job hunting for the summer though, i need a job to pay for books, other college expenses, but thankfully my parents are going to cover most of that.
  4. No, and i can't do "the job many have but can not speak here," since going away to school kinda put me outta commission in my hometown.

    I've been buggin out about no job, because i need one since im in debt. I applied EVERYWHERE in my state, and my theory that people my age can only can a job if they have connections has been shown to be empirically true. Every friend of mine got a job through a family member. Well, I found out a couple of days ago that I might have a good family connect and finally get a job!!!! (those of you who "know" me/read my threads know how often i've been bitchin about no job). Turns out I might (dont wanna jinx it) get a job at the state house, since my uncle is a judge. I'm so excited, its perfect - im a journalism/political science major - what a great opportunity! I can meet all the corrupt politicians in my state and make some good connections! My path to becoming the president of the North American Union is now underway!!!!!

    You guys can all be in my administration:smoking:

    lol, but im still unemployed:(
    keepin my fingers crossed - I was ready to take a job at Mickey D's, and now i got a chance for an awesome job, pertaining to my field, with high pay, state benefits, etc etc etc... I really hope my uncle pulls some strings for me
  5. I have a job but its through my school and so i wont have it during the summer. Better step my game up:eek:
  6. Going off to college next year so no career but I work at a local restauraunt good shit
  7. My dad might know someone who can get me a job stocking shelves in a grocery store from 11:00-7:00am. Perfect job for an insomniac lol.

    There is just no one hiring anymore :(
  8. I have a combination of 1 and 3. I have a job during school but it closes down for most of the workers over summer. So I am currently looking for a job now without much luck. I guess I should be thankful, but job applications are boring as fuck.
  9. Yeppers! But I am hoping to get this other job at this upscale restaurant. I'd be banking 1g a week full time. :D
  10. I have a 1 night a week type a thing where i make $100-200 but I need a steady everyday job but nobodys hiring :(
  11. Started a new one on monday. I'm a bulider.
  12. I would love that job, because I hate people. I am sociable, but when I am not in the mood to talk with people, I like to be secluded. Also, I would be able to work with music on and no boss could tell me it is disturbing the customers.
  13. Currently unemployed, former Circuit City Associate. I'm all set up to take my Cisco Certified network associate test on the 23rd of this month. After that Im gonna do some real hard job searching and hopefully ill find some work. I can't stand to get payed anything under $10hr now.

    Some recruiter found my resume on monster and is trying to get me to Rep for HP. We will see how that goes considering I hate best buy.
  14. I got my job working with nuts, but then they moved me to the back where I unload shit, take shit out, and get shit from customers
  15. Must be smelly with all that shit there.

  16. I work at a pizza place. But i just got hired so right now im on dishes duty. It sucks, but its fair pay and flexible hours.
  17. in a career right now...

    software engineer
  18. lookin for a damn job....
  19. Just started a lab job...hopefully I'll be working here for about a year and then start med school
  20. Only when its catfish bait

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