Got a job at Wal-Mart

Discussion in 'General' started by firewall1, Jul 20, 2010.

  1. After over a year and a half of unemployement ive hit the bucketload. WALMART. i can return to this site without being jealous of dryness. its an utterly great feeling.
    working in the meat department, who knew there even was one at walmart?

    but now you blades, has anyone here ever worked for walmart? any crazy stories? rants?
  2. Congrats, ANY job is a plus:D:smoking:
  3. man i see enough loony toons just walking around wal-mart, you are going to get quite the show everyday, i can just imagine the characters that you are going to encounter. enjoy the job man
  4. Fuck retail. (I work at Ross)
  5. Eh good luck to ya I've heard many bad things about working at wal-mart from my friends...
  6. congrats on the job...get that $$$
  7. I think you'll appreciate this site: Funny Pictures at WalMart

    But seriously... thats cool man.. A friend of mine was a computer tech for years and hes been out of work for a long time. He finally broke down and went to work for Virgils Hardware store. He still lives at home with parents so his expenses are very little. That $9 per hour gets him by just fine for now.
  8. I used to work at Ross. Worst job I've ever had.
  9. By far the worst...
  10. I am ready to start this job immediately. What you say about it.
  11. fuck all of yall. i worked at big lots. :p
  12. Only a matter of time now until you finally hang yourself.
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    I worked in a Walmart Tire Lube Express one summer. It was hot as hell and grimy work pulling those drainplugs and getting a faceful of hot motor oil. I lasted about 2 weeks. I would have stayed if they'd just have given me two days off in a row, but they had me come in like Wednesday and Saturday. I need a weekend even if it's in the middle of the week. I liked the guys I was working with it was some sweaty dirty work for the little pay I got. I was clean at the time so I didn't have to worry about their piss tests.
  14. LOL I thought the same thing, but still a job is a job :3 congrats bro
  15. Welcome to the most evil company on the planet.
  16. did u go get a application or online????
    i need a job
  17. I've literally been banned from working at Wal-Mart ever again in my life.
  18. does evry1 on this site work at wal mart??

  19. Yup. Put those small stores outa business, 10 wal-mart's at a time!!!!

  20. You didn't know there was a meat department in Wal-Mart? Where have you been?

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