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  1. i hav a tote grow going on right now in a jardin DR120, and those plants WILL GET HUUUUGE! Mine are almost to the light! Good luck bro, holla at me anytime.
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    I'm hoping my plants will get bigger as well, You can see from the pictures the light I'm using is not a big light its actually two lights taped together and hung by fishing line. I'm expecting two LED 225 Light banks @13W's each i know its not allot and i kinda rushed into it i plan on getting 2 28W panels as well and switching the 13W up for the 28W and then hanging the 13W's on a angle from the opposite side
    kind like this
    | 28__ |
    | 13/ |
    | |

    as to get side coverage of the plants
    I'm only growing 6 plants in the tent so I'm sure that will be enough light for them

    now what I'm really wondering is can i also add a reservoir to this or is it just more practical to refill the tote by hand?

  3. my ASCII tent didn't really work
  4. Subb'ed. Looking at getting one of those lights as supplemental. Would love to see how well they work
  5. Just got my other banks of LED's from eBay, to be honest they look really cheap and there the small LED bulbs not the big ones like i had seen in the picture, so note to any one looking to grow with LED's .. DO NOT GET THEM FROM EBAY.... 13Watts is hardly enough and another note it came from china so i assume the quality of the product is not so good either

    this is what the array looks like now with the 13W on the side and the 28W on the top

    the 28 W is by far better quality materials and LED bulbs i recommend this one.

    and this is my pretty little girl

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