Got a fantastic job offer in ATL and wondering how it is..

Discussion in 'General' started by DoblazE, Mar 13, 2012.

  1. Good evening Blades! :smoke:

    While freelancing this morning for a client, I've been receiving tons of spotlight for my recent
    portfolio award and I got this email and ended up from a high-paying salary in their just newly
    finished office they opened in Atlanta, GA. I'll be their Creative Director and handle all art/graphic
    design and user interface needs. So, I'm totally stoked... But.... I'll be leaving my friends and everything.
    I never been to the East Coast and wanted to know for the blades that do live in ATL..

    How do you like it? Is the scene pretty chill there, bud easy to come by? Thanks all! :)
  2. Damn this thread makes me not want to grow up..

    Good luck OP! :smoking:
  3. Hahaha, why's that? Thank you!

  4. This is why.... :(
    Fun, but scary.
  5. You got a job down in Hot Lanta? Say word
  6. Oh yeah... That part... :(
    I agree totally, I can't think of leaving my mates but I plan
    to move to Washington two years later on the future to reunite! :smoke:

    I just want the money... :D
  7. Cops are dicks around here. Great weed though, the closer you live to Atlanta the better the weed.
  8. Thanks mucho Lazy! I live in Maricopa County in Arizona (Home of Sherrif Joe / aka "Nation's toughest sherrif" & founder of Zero Tolerance policy), honestly one of the worst states yet county to live in for possession or anything to do with drugs/alcohol.

    Thankfully, almost any state is better on these laws! I'm planning to live in Downtown Atlanta, get myself a nice condo! :)
  9. I live about 30 mins from downtown ATL and I love it here. I love the city and all the different activities and things it offers. There's a lot of diversity and people of all types.

    You hear a lot of talk that Atlanta is just a rough gang banging city and it's not. Of course you have your rough parts and rough neighborhoods but overall Atlanta is a great city

    Don't let the big city factor hold you back you will love it In Georgia. Housing in ATL isn't cheap, but not outrageous either. Check out some of the suburbs of ATL.

    And the weed around here Is LOUD. We're the biggest drug hub on the east coast.

    Anyhow, goodluck on your decision
  10. I live 40 minutes north of Atlanta and I like it for the most part. Good weed for sure.
  11. ive never been to atl but the east coast in cool man.

    but good stuff on the new job offer
  12. Atlanta is chill as fuck, best city ever man. Even a lot of the sketchy places in Atlanta like boulevard and bankhead are chill. People will seriously go out of their way to get you what ever kind of drug you want. Weed is hit n miss downtown though, I've gotten hella dank weed down there an I've gotten so so weed but if you live out in the burbs you will get nothing but dank all the time. Id look for a house outside of Atlanta if I were you though cuz there are a lot of cheap houses once you get out of the city, like 40,000 for a small house and an acre.
  13. Ya don't listen to anybody try to tell you bout gang bangers, id say like 99% of the "crime" in Atlanta is drug related and does not involve gangs. Most people just seem to be doin their own thing and gettin high.

  14. If you have some real friends, moving won't ruin the friendship.
    Yeah it sucks you can't see them, but hey, we got planes? we got phones, webcams, I'd probably just have sessions on a camera with my buds tbh lol
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    Thank you ALL! For the lovely responses! :)

    I understand every city has it's downfalls of crime activity but I was raised in
    East Side San Jose and Oakland as a child in sketchy areas and lived through-out
    in Mesa, Arizona. I think it won't be too bad at all, I'm not even much affiliated to
    crime activity, so I definitely won't be seeing too much of it anyways.
    I'm glad to hear they have some good ass weed down there! :smoke:

    How much do you guys usually pay for a gram/quad and then ounce around ATL?
    (currently here in PHX, I get grams for $15, quads for $80-90 and ounces for $250)

    I've been thinking about moving into downtown, I like the city and I love riding
    my bike around and as well, it'd be nice to be close to my office. How lively is
    Downtown ATL anyways on the weekend? Pretty active, beautiful women? :)

    (for my friends, yeah! I plan on facetalking every now and then, flying them out
    for Forecastle, Bonnaroo, Hang Out Music Festival to chill, etc, etc. Then in 2 years-ish,
    I'm moving to Seattle and so is my mates in PHX around the same time to reunite)

  16. I'm currently in Phoenix visiting my Dad. Well actually right now I'm on Yuma Proving Grounds, because he lives here, but we're only here for 2 days cause he has to work, the rest of the time we're spending it with the grandparents out in Mesa.

    It'd be cool to have a nice contemporary appt. inside the city. Always been my dream, have a nice little place with a couple SGs sitting on my coffee table :smoke:

    Also, Seattle is where I picture this dream, because I love the rain.
  17. Great nugs in Atlanta.


    Atlanta nug right here. Train wreck
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    If your into festivals look up DoDaJam its a new festival in north Georgia. This will be their second year. Last year they did a big thing on 4/20 but I missed it so I'm hopin they'll do it again. Sweetwater brewery also does a big 4/20 thing downtown.
  19. Nice man! It's not too bad here right now in AZ with the weather..
    But yes! That's my dream too! Having a luxury appt. in downtown Seattle!
    That'd be so dope..

    I'm happy to see this picture :smoke:
    Glad, It won't be too hard finding me some herb around the city.

    Sweet! Thanks man!! I loooove festivals and the music scene.
    Too bad, I'll be at Coachella on 4/20 ;)
  20. Be careful in atlanta, some bad ass mo' fuqqas down there... i'd recommend basing your decision to move on where you see yourself being after this contract job is over and where you would be living and not on weed prices. Reunite plans never usually happen so i'd recommend doing what you feel is best for you.

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