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Got A Dog?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Dubbledown22, Jun 10, 2013.

  1. i have a dog and just got a new puppy. i love getting stoned on dog walks with my buddies. Am i weirdo or is just chilling with my pups okay? New pup is Bentley. he's chill in in my camaro. old puppy is kandi chillin on my couch.


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  2. Yeah, my border collie. She's VERY protective to me. Anytime someone she doesn't know comes around me, she just barks and barks :)
  3. my dogs my only friend lmao no lie. I toke everyday with her. last time I had friends over was a year ago lmao. fuck people. 
  4. You ain't no weirdo, I love my choco puppy.
  5. hell yeah im not the only one. Dogs are cool. You give them food and they will never leave your side.
  6. PUPPY DOG <3
  7. Dogs be cool.
  8. Yes I have 2 golden reterievers, one of wish recently got diagnosed with pelvic bone cancer and only has a few more months. Heres a few pics of him and a few of my kitties :)

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  9. amen brother, my boy Charlie is all I need, need to get a girl pup tho, hes dog lonely. [​IMG]
  10. i used to love chillin with my dog, she had to go live with my uncle when i moved though. i miss her to death but i don't mind because she has a few acres of land to run around on instead of being stuck in a small apartment most of the day.
    but most definitely dogs > people.
  11. Love those early weekend wake and bake sessions while walking my dog all around the neighborhood.

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