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got 2 go to a graduation in 2 hours

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by davida0829, May 15, 2010.

  1. i gota go to my sisters graduation and its gonna last 2 hours (boring!!) my question is should i get baked b4 i go? (2 of my uncles are cops and are gonna be there) so would it be wise?

    i am however glad she graduated tho i just dont wanna sit threw the boring shit

    need answers fast lol =] gota leave in like 2 hours
  2. This answers itself...
  3. Smoke then wash up and get ready.
    Just don't stank.
  4. I skipped my sibling's graduations. I almost skipped mine. Waste of time IMO but try to make the best of it and enjoy.

    Oh and don't smoke. Your uncles will know if they are any kind of cops at all. I don't care how much eyedrops and Axe you use. A trained observer can tell, always.
  5. Eye Drops, spray/shower, change clothes. Uncles won't even be able to tell
  6. thanks for the quick replys guys :hello: and i am planning on spraying myself down perty good lol (hoody reeks of it cause i hotbox it (kinda dum i know)) but yea i am gonna get a bit baked nothing so i wont rember it just a bit (what i always say then i dont stop:smoke:)

    thanks for the quick answers =] and if my uncles hastle me well one cant do shit outa juristicion of his county and the other is just a complete f**knut:D
  7. Word.

    My opinion is go smoke that bowl man.
  8. I'd stay home and smoke if it were me. I mean, OP *is* 18 after all. Isn't he? :D
  9. [quote name='oldskoolgrower']I skipped my sibling's graduations. I almost skipped mine. Waste of time IMO but try to make the best of it and enjoy.

    ehh i would skip it but she wants me to come and i aint gonna squash her pride she did earn it an yea i am gonna skip my GED graduation aswell way to much of a pain in the ass lol
  10. the majority is saying smoke it so i will =] thanks guys/gals and yes i am 18 just dont wanna squash my sisters pride lol she worked hard for this shit while i am on my lazy ass eating munchies getting high lol (not dissin on weed that is what i am really doing lol)
  11. lol your gonna let some cops stop you from doing what you want to do? Can I have the rest of your freedom? I'll send it to my 4th grade penpal

    and damn is there any good bud in wyoming? I used to live in Green River but I was a little ass kid and didn't smoke
  12. i havent found anything worth a shit here dude
  13. Smoke the weed, have a shower, use some eye drops, and you will be the only one who knows your baked lol. Just don't burnout and fall asleep......

  14. HELL NO FUCK THE POLICE!!! :cool:

    and naw everyone sais it is shit here but if you are a lightweight like me it dosent matter shit weed will get you just as messed up as good stuff =] altho i havnt been to messed up lately my friends make fun of me for being a lightweight guess what i find it a blessing less weed to get high means less weed you gota buy =] :smoking:

    best shit you can smoke where would have to be spice gold/diamond (illegal as hell here) so its 80 bucks a gram fuck that

  15. *facepalm*

    Sure your 18?
  16. honestly yea i am sure just a stupid 18 year old lol any wais it was a success didnt have time to take a shower tho so i just sprayed down with axe gota smoke my new cuz up also (adoption) so that was cool :hello: it was boring as hell tho even blazed off my ass damn siniter talked for like 20 minutes and the lil brats down infront of me where more intresting then him

    and yes i am really imature lol everyone sais that about me sooner or later :D

  17. Win. ;)

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