Got 2 ferrets

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  1. Meet Ziggy and Marley :wave:

    Ziggy (boy) is the one with a cinnamonish glaze over him and Marley (girl, yes Marley is a girl name too) is the albino. Ended up buyin em both a few weeks ago with 2 friends, they are in a pretty big cage but also have a HUGE playpen where they spend majority of their awake time in. Both are really friendly and very social, although Marley seems to be more chill and lovable.

    Was able to get a few pics, will record a vid of them playing tomorrow prolly :D

    *before anyone says anything, yes i know the responsibilities of owning a ferret. We know their sleeping/playing schedule and they are spoiled as fuck.

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  2. Cool man.

    Ferrets are a lot of fun. They were one of my favorite animals when I worked at a pet store...

    Are they from the Marshall Farms ? Do they have tattoos on their ears ?
  3. aww i want ferrets so bad but they are illegal in cali
  4. Ferrets are illegal in Cali??
    Any particular reason why?
  5. Awesome dude, more pics!
  6. lol, nice hammock :smoking:
  7. @ XVI, we actually got em from a local mom n pop pet store.

    I'll try to post up more pics in the next couple days. Seems like the best ones so far are when they are sleeping, but I will def try to get a vid of them playing up soon.
  8. Thats so cool! One of my phobias is being bit on my dick by a ferret.. LOL, weird I know. The other is sinkholes.......Be cool!
  9. Hell yeah, ferret's are the shit. I would always play with mine stoned, and couldn't stop laughing. They jump around like meth heads half of the time, and always do funny half back flips and shit. The only downside was the smell. That guy smelt like straight rotten potatoes.

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