got 2 clones transplanted in soil, now what?

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    Hey guys, did some grows but never from clones. I got these 2 sweet clones last night, they are (purple haze X trainwreck) and they rooted and have been translated into soil.

    I was told to keep them under CFLs (close to them) and spray the soil everyday with water and every third day with nutrients.

    and so I just wanted to ask you guys if that is accurate or if I can just put them under my 600 MH lights and treat them like all the other plants that are vegging...

    BTW... I have them under 6 x 25watt CFL lights and the CFLs are about 2 inches away...

    also, any info I need to know about clones in this stage (transplated in soil). meaning, should the humidity be higher, temp higher or lower, or any differences from normal veg stuff?
  2. anyone? i'm thinking I should mist the clones and lift the CFLs a bit but would like some advice...
  3. anyone?

    temps in cfl box: 73F
    humidity in cfl box: 33
  4. how long you had since transplant? and what kind of soil did you put em in? i transplant into FFOF and dont feed nutes for 2-3 weeks. and when i do i go super easy on it and gradually get em to feed at the strength i desire. after those first couple weeks after transplant id say its def safe to put em under ur HID. just keep an eye on em. u start seeing major signs of stress then put em back under the cfl.

    as far as misting....some do some dont. i do cuz in my veg box the humidity is stupid low and i wanna help with that as much as i can.
  5. thanks, i've had them one day since they were transplated into soil

    not sure what kind of soil it is, but it looks like its nice organic kind
  6. How are the girls doing, lets see some pics!
  7. i wouldnt put em under the hid just yet. let them get a little more established before you do that.
  8. Once you see good veg growth id put em under hid but put em off to the side or raise the light for a few days .They'll tell ya when they want power

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