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  1. Hey everyone, I am in the market for a new bong and have narrowed it down to several gorilla glass pieces. I really did not want to spend any more then $80, and wanted a nice thick ice catcher. Check them out and let me know what you think, and which one you like the best. Also, if anybody has any experiences with Gorilla glass and has info such as; quality, thickness, shipping rates, etc.. I would be very thankful.

    The First bong I am looking at is cheap at only $48 it is 16 inches.

    The second bong i am looking at costs $52 and is 15 inches long.

    The last bong I am looking at is $70 and is 18 inches long.

    So there they are tell me what you think.
  2. uhh, fyi you have to have at least 12 items and more than 150$, i just made my 2nd gg order back in jan and was pleased with my 2nd triple bubbler i got off them, had my first one almost a year then smashed it on the tiles in the bathroom
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    Yea i know about the 12 item/ $150 minimum I am going in on this order with a few friends. Just curious how steep were the shipping charges? Also which of those three bongs do you dig the most?
  4. imho number three looks like it might hit the best, but i cant get over how great looking the second one is
  5. my friend had the helix one ( the second one)...it just broke today.

    it hit really well though, you can use the helix as a very nice ice catcher. pretty nice bong for GG
  6. i like the second piece personally but I have never ordered from that site before.
  7. i like the third, looks pretty legit
  8. go with number two, it's a sure thing
  9. Hey guys thanks for all of your replies. I am fairly sure that i am going to go with number three, it just looks like a more legit piece to me. So i also want to add an ashcatcher onto it, because the more filtration the better. I am pretty sure i am going to get this:
    The only thing is, is that it is 5 inches long. Do you think that this might possibly make the glass on glass extension go out to far and counterbalance my bong causing it to fall and break, or do you think that the bong would have enough weight with water in it to hold it with ease?
  10. those external dome percs are like 3 inches long, and do NOT work.
    all of the water gets sucked through.
  11. I've also heard that they are completely worthless. I would go with the second bong, but you could look at their bongs with percs. They are pretty cheap. Also, if I remember right, the shipping on my order was about $10-$15.
    And if you want an ashcatcher i'd go for that monster double chamber one.
  12. I like that second one
  13. That second one looks sweet. I need to get one of those, you get sick of rolling sometimes.
  14. You do realize that gorilla glass has a 12 item/$150 minimum on all orders right?

  15. [​IMG]
  16. Alright guys thanks for the info, i think i am going to go with that third blue bong and this ashcatcher:

    So what do you guys think of that setup?
    The thing i dont like about Gorilla glass is that they never answer their phone. So with people that have experience with them did you just leave a message telling them to call you back or what?

  17. how much did you order for the $15 shipping charge? seems kinda cheap.
  18. Get the second bong you posted, friend of mine has it, just amazing. hits perfectly.:eek:
  19. IMO you should go with one of there tree perculated bongs, there still cheap and durrable, but you get a much smoother hit, and there about the same price as the 3 you chose, Much better value, Much better hit, and more funtional, plus there perculated tubes come with diffusers, and i belive that there non-perculated bongs do not
  20. Their tree perc bongs are probably drag queens and the percs will probably be broken when they get to you.

    Support your local glassblower man, or at least the american economy.

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