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Discussion in 'General' started by Lilith999, Feb 18, 2003.

  1. I was inspired by the 'scariest movie' thread to ask; what is the GORIEST movie you've seen? Blood, vomit, intestines, you name it...

    My vote: Dead Alive (uncut)

    They used gallons upon gallons of blood...and there's even a flesh-eating liver...

    Blood, guts, true love and a zombie baby...

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  2. Now that's the making of a kick ass movie..all the ingredients are there
  3. heh, if u like gore stop by rotten.com and check out some of that stuff. i promise you wont like it quite as much as you did before you saw the stuff they have to offer. pretty intense. i used to look at that kinda shit a lot when i was little, lol.
  4. Been there, done that...I also have almost every issue of Bizarre, a magazine published in the UK. That was where I first heard of Dead Alive, Rotten.com, and many other gore-alities...
  5. evil dead all the way
  6. Braindead could be one but I'll take the Eastern ticket and go For Tokyo Fist.

    About gore sites I recommend www.Ogris.com there's everything you need....
  7. Ive been scared for life from looking at faces of death,orgish.com,rotten.com,etc. I'll never be the same.Holy shit i get scared just thinking about it.Oh god i got to go change my pants peace
  8. www.laughinglynx.com

    Go to Other People's Pain...that's the funny side to people getting hurt, not dying.

    Damn man, that story on Ogrish about 120 people dying on a subway because a maniac wanted to start a fire, that just totally blew my high.
  9. i just watched most of Survival Island... intense movie.

    gory as all hell
  10. yeah, thats enough of this sick shit for me

  11. I don't care much for those types of sites you all listed. But if you want to see a pretty gory movie, check out ''Make Them Die Slowly" It's about some people that get trapped on an island with some PISSED-OFF cannibals. Nuff Said.
  12. I think either Braindead (British title for Dead Alive) or Day of the Dead.

    Braindead has lashings of gore but none of it looks particularly real....

    Day of the Dead on the other hand... it all looks real and it's fucking nasty some of the scenes in that... like when the zombie on the operating table turns over and all his guts fall out.... or at the end when the marines all get torn to pieces...

    Classic scenes..... and really the only over the top movie like that which actually looks convincing!
  13. The faces of death series is the only "movie" that about made me puke.

    It's easy for me to just say "Oh, that shit is fake" in a movie.

    Faces of death offers no special effects.
  14. the only gory movie I couldnt finish watching was Apocalypse Zero...it's anime, and it's really gory

    there's a part where this giant fat lady squeezes a school girl, and all of her insides come out thru her mouth and land on her boyfriend...ewww

  15. i've only seen Faces of Death 5... the part with the chick shitting in the bowl infront of the guy... then him eating it almost made me blow chunks...

    nasty stuff
  16. Damn... howmany are there now?

    I guess I have some catching up to do.

    I think the last one I saw was 3.
  17. If you want gore you gotta go with Anime.. People exploding, turning inside out... etc. 3x3 eyes got pretty nasty if I remember right... I forget what else.

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