Goos 2013 K.i.s.s. 1St Gorilla Grow

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  1. Greetings GC, this is my first season trying a gorilla grow after a first successful indoor grow this spring. My method is KISS or keep it simple stupid. Before you comment about anything keep in mind this is a path of least resistance/ get a hang of secret outdoor grows. Not going for huge six footers and pounds of yeild, just want some home-grown for the fall.
    The situation:
    Suburban upstate NY
    2x Blue OG
    1x Grapefruit
    1x Snowcap
    1x Auto Cheese Candy
    Today is day 1 for my outdoor season. My location is in an easement with a stream running through it between the neighborhood my parents live in and a neighborhood that abutts it.
    1x folding shovel
    1x 40lb bag cow manure (2.99 Price Choppa!)
    1x 20lb bag top soil (2.99)
    great white
    plant labels
    water bottle
    My mission started this morning at 10. I went to Price Chopper and got some of their cow maure (.2, .2, .2 NPK) and top soil, which once I opened it seems to have the same blend of stuff in it, just less of the cow shit. I was going to hit up the grow store for Sunshine or something but I mean come on 6$ in soil versus like 25-40$? We're keeping it ghetto.
    To get my soil in was the sketchiest part security wise. My plot requires one to go on a trail behind the neighborhood, then move off onto a less-worked path and on into the woods. There is an access road that allowed me to get to carry the soil about a tenth of a mile instead of winding through the path. Security issue 1, the access road is on a cul-de-sac with a house on each side. Both people appear to be not home, and the right house is being pressure-washed, the workers aren't taking their eyes off the house, perfect.
    10:15 I pull my van up as far as the access road goes, and I see a biker coming off the trail. Slam the Winstar into reverse and high-tail that bitch outta there. I circle around and see the biker on a neighborhood road, then I head up the road again. Dump the soil bags into some tall grass, and drop the car at my parents.
    I took the path back to the soil and one at a time ran the bags into the woods. When I was heading back to grab the 40lb bag (had to make two trips once I had to walk the bags into the plot) there was a dude walking down the main path, I crouched down and made myself as small as possible and waited for him to go by, so far so good.
    10:45 I have everything at the plot and start digging some small holes clearing brush etc. Never having been a gardener I can appreciate it even more after this. Today was about 85 and humid and the folding shovel is really shitty at cutting out roots etc.
    **Question 1** How much will high temp/humidity affect my germination?
    I drop the manure and spread it over the plot, then drop the top-soil, mix it up and drop the beans in after innoculating the area just below the holes with Great White. I have a small 16oz water bottle, and I make a couple runs to the stream to soak the soil where the seeds are.
    Home and showered by 11:45
    Reflections on Day 1.
    So I have read up on cultivation, all kinds of books, hours of youtube etc. I know everyone stresses the importance of security for a gorilla grow, and I will list the ways in which I fucked up in an effort to both inform new growers and myself.
    Fuck-up #1 Bringing two right-handed gloves. I have two pair and didn't even check when I grabbed them. Moron.
    Fuck-up #2 With just one other person this entire day would have been five times easier in my estimation.
    Fuck-up #3 Not pre-digging holes/ scouting spot. I knew the area I wanted to plant in but having to both plant the seeds AND clear brush, roots, clear sun paths by knocking down saplings was a pain in the balls.
    Potential Fuck-up #4 Planting on a mid 80's day with high humidity (which I suppose might actually help since clones require high humidity at the start? maybe?)
    Fuck-up #5 Not really a fuck-up, but I had to leave my folding shovel and the empty soil bags behind. I buried them in a little dirt and leaves and if someone finds the plot it isn't like the bags are the giveaway that its a weed grow.
    Fuck-up #6 NOT getting a bag of mulch or perlite. Immediately upon watering my shit/soil/dirt mixture I can tell that it is hard for water to permeate it. The water pools and then slowly moves into the soil, for super-hot days this means I'll have to water painfully slowly to make sure the majority of water isn't evaporated before getting to the roots.
    Genius #1 The stream is about 50 yards from my plot, making watering easy (water for me and the plants)
    In my mind there are two days when security is most crucial, Day 1 and Harvest day. Well, if that's the case I'm 50% out of the woods.
    Questions comments concerns welcome and appreciated. Keep it Green GC


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  2. Day 4 Update
    Gave the plants a total of 2 liters of water, have had great mid 70's sunny weather. Still none have popped I think I planted them too deep. In a few days hopefully they pop through.
  3. Good luck
  4. Today I went out and looked at the patch, still no ladies poking through.
    I reinforced by throwing two Blue Dream seeds down today, didn't want to do a haze strain outside with the shit weather in fall here but I'm saving the rest of my seed stock for indoors so in they go.
    Day 1 Femmed Cali Blue Dream.

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