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  1. In this garden I've got a 400watt mh/hps. a 4ft 8 tube T5. a 2ft T5. and some other 85watt cfl bulbs.
    My strains are unknown for i don't know who the father(pollen producer) was. The mother of these seeds was Super Cali Haze by Stitch of Short Stuff Seeds.
    The father was most likely a mixture of Beyond the Brain by Mandala, Blue Dream, Church, or some dank bag seeds. But anyways it doesn't matter to me cause it's all getting inhaled by myself.
    I'm one to not trust what I get when i buy a bag off the street. Find all kinds of hair and shit in it. Man i don't want to be smoking that shit. Oh, and if your like me then you probably don't like inhaling butane every toke. check out hawaii's Beeline hemp wick shit is nice and tastes better than butane thats for sure.
    Anyways, I've been growing now for 4 seasons. I have to say my favorite seed breeder/strain is Mandala seeds, shit do they know their stuff, cleanest high i've had. Did two grows using their Beyond the Brain strain and its one of a kind.
    I also like cannatonic by Resin Seeds with a 1:1 ratio between CBD's and THC, I grew two cannatonics over the summer to have some rippers take it a day before i was gonna chop her. But I got enough of a taste to know i want more!! haaha
    Waiting for the girls and this new Vapxhale to come out shitt son

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