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  1. So my google chrome had a proper fit and in the midst of said fit un installed D:<. Now my problem is the only other web browser i have is internet explorer which does not work in any way whatsoever. How am i suppose to get google chrome back? Using my phone currently seeing my laptop now has no functioning browser to get on the internet :( Anyone know how i can get google chrome back on my laptop? These damn first world problems.
  2. How does IE not work?

    Did you try opening it in safe mode? Or running as administrator?
  3. Only way I can think of is to bare with IE until you get to the Google Chrome download and re-install the browser..
  4. Yeah im trying to use IE to download chrome but when i open IE it stops responding before i can download google :(
  5. Just re-install it? I don't see what the problem is other than having to use internet explorer in the meantime. :confused_2:

  6. Ohh I see, do you have firefox?
  7. Do you have windows XP?

    Start > All Programs > Acessories > Calculator > Help > Help Topics

    If you then click to the far left of the title bar, you’ll see an option to Jump to URL… –take that. Type in the URL of the website you want to visit, but note that you need to supply the “http://” part or this will not work.

    That's the hidden browser :) not sure if it works on vista or Windows 7 but you can try
  8. try reinstalling the browser, or download firefox, then download chrome through that
  9. If Chrome uninstalled itself and IE isn't working, I can't help but feel like there might be some other problem here... virus maybe? :confused:
  10. After many attempts on shitty IE I have succeeded in getting chrome back :hello: I shall celebrate with another bowl, cheers :bongin:

  11. Glad to hear it:wave: Enjoy, and cheers:bongin:
  12. Good to hear you got it back installed :D

    For future reference, I'd first try what ddoublevision suggested, and then failing that, download it on your phone and transfer the installer to your computer and install there :)
  13. Cheers :bongin: take a hit for me as I am currently dry :(
  14. This is why I keep all program download files in a folder and never delete them.
  15. Coulda just got the .exe on another computer and put it on a flashdrive :p
  16. you have tux as your avatar and you were asking how to get your chrome back? lol.....

    use lynx?

  17. I was just about to ask the same question.

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