Goodbye R_M

Discussion in 'General' started by Rasta_Man, Sep 27, 2007.

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  1. I\'ve had enough with this place.

    See the S&P section for more info.

    Goodbye to anybody I ever thought had a decent mind on their shoulders -- you know who you are.

    Oh, by the way, to answer the question of my age: I turned 18 last week.

    Goodbye! :wave:
  2. peace man

    stay safe keep on toking man

  3. Everyone could tell your age by the way you acted. Its not really anything new, you never reveled your age.

    Anyway, peace man. Sorry you feel so hurt over rules you broke. Also, sorry we dont play favorites.
  4. i dont even know the guy.
  5. Goodbye RM, if you see this I tried to reply to your PM and ask for your aim.

    If you can somehow, can you get it to me?

    You\'ll be missed. :(
  6. consider yourself lucky
  7. Wow.

    Bye dude.

    As I haven\'t ventured into the S&P section in along time this comes as a bit of a shock.

    Good luck and godspeed.
  8. No harm done then.

    Im not surprised he was a kid. What did he do? I wanted to read the thread but the admins deleted it.
  9. I want to say publically...


    Very good reason too, if anyone wants to shift blame, its ALL on me, not RMJL, not Tokin, Not Hempress, Not Cottons. ME ME ME.

    I did it becouse he showed RMJL lack of disrespect, and his childish actions are what promoted the ban.

    No heat on anyone, except me. This was my disicion.
  10. Mmm, me too. What did he do?!?!
  11. can he be banned and post?
  12. He posted this first, then got banned.
  13. He showed his true age, he is 18, but he acts like a 14 year old.
  14. Can someone clarify what he did? He has nearly 12,000 posts, at least let us know what he did. I never really did like him, but that\'s beside the point. He always seemed like an arrogant prick.
  15. I wish I would have seen the thread in question. I find this all hard to believe. Since I didn\'t see the thread there is not too much I can say about the reason he was banned. I find it sort of strange that they would delete such an influential member and then delete the thread they are basing it on. It prevents people who liked rastaman, like myself, from calling bullshit on the banning. You guys should put the thread back up. If its justified then you have nothing to be afraid of. At least quote the post on which you based the banning of rastaman.

    I think this is complete crap. You guys deleted one of the few members on here who understands the importance of logic and reasoning because you don\'t like his attitude. The guy had as many rep points and posts as everyone in this thread added together.

    Even though no one cares what I think I want it to be known that I am officially against this banning unless the mods can produce the posts in question. If they can do that then I will reconsider. We need freedom of information on this site.
  16. 18? that guy is old!!! in he\'s late 30\'s the least.
  17. I felt that the little love note to me was personal and wanted to keep it close to my heart rather than share (some saw it, he talked about my cunt rotting and so forth...LOL!) but this was the main part...directed at the City:

    Good job, Bliz! What was it R_M said when one of our truly respected members talked about killing themselves? Oh yeah....GOOD RIDDANCE!

    *I posted this before reading the last few posts in this thread. First of all, we don\'t have to give a reason for anything and you can officially be against anything you like; however, he ripped on the City. I could give a rat\'s ass what he said about me but what he directed at the City was uncalled for. It was rude and disrespectful. Par for the course, for him.
  18. What brought on this post though?

    That\'s what I think Shasta, and a few others here including myself, are wondering?
  19. Indeed.....RM will be missed

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