Goodbye Grow

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  1. maintenance threatned my dad to get my grow out 2 plants total (legal state)
    I will miss you

  2. If you are legal you shouldn't have anything to worry about. If not, I feel for you bro, pull them and enjoy what ever you can get from those girls!
    Oh... and never talk about Stephanie McMahon!
  3. What the hells maintenance gonna do? It's the landlord that holds all the power.
  4. depending on your state, your landlord cannot do anything about a legal grow if you're abiding by the laws and there isn't anything about cannabis specifically in the lease. sounds like an outdoor grow though, unless maintenance was fixing something in your apartment and noticed it? if so, check your laws. i know my state doesn't do outdoor medical grows.
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    thing is they changed the lease last month outlined
    must not use marijuana
    the agreement wasnt there when I first moved in and it seems the maintenance guy has been detectiving my residence when I or my dad left the house
    It's illegal for maintenance or landlords to go into apartments without at least 24 hr notice to you. The only way around that is if it was an emergency. 
  8. So are they drug testing everyone to?

    And just report the maintenance guy for tresspassing and blackmail, problem solved.
  9. They have keys so you never know when they can enter. according to my dad he said "we're federal" "get rid of your grow or else"
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  11. he said he would report it if the grow was not taken down
    If feds own the apt  then the feds will do what teh feds want...
    if it is local owned by a private entity, that altered the lease AFTER it was signed, then the original lease is still in effect, only NEW leases would be enforcable.
 side can not change a contract AFTER it is signed/agreed too, by both parties...if you have an original carbon-copy of the lease that shows they altered the terms, then they can't do shit until the new lease is signed. (they can't photo shop a term change in after the would require new signatures with full disclosure of the term changes...any subtifuge used to gain a signature would nullify the new leases legal bindings.)
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    So are they drug testing everyone to?

    [​IMG]  [​IMG]
  14. So are they drug testing everyone to?

  15. So are they drug testing everyone to?

    only if its in the lease.
    i'll only sign a lease if it requires 72 hours notice.
    What do you mean by "federal"?   
    We're in housing thats based on our income. Our lease says they can't enter without notice. 
    You could set up something so you would know if anyones been in your apartment. 
    most likely your 'rent' is subsidized by the feds (section 8, welfare and such)...thus the apartment complex is under 'federal' law/rule/control more so than a private entities housing that will not accept subsidies (no offense intended but the phrase commonly used is "to keep out the riff-raff" or some variable of such derogatory terminology)

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