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Good weed?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Sgdarthvader, Apr 16, 2016.

  1. Hi all,

    New here. Realising my love for Mary Jane. Just a quick one. Recently got a bag of this new stuff and was wondering if it is any good. It is so dense. I'll post some pictures. If any of you could please give me an idea. Bit of a noob

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    Nobody can tell anything other then if it's pretty or not from a pic. Smell, taste and potency can not be told from a pic. You're going to have to smoke it to find out.
  3. Smoke it and let us know! Looks can be deceiving.
  4. Looks-wise it's pretty nice. I wouldn't say it's top-shelf though. Most probably better than your average mids. How's the smell? Does it stink up the room when you open them from the jar/bag?

    Try snapping a stem. Does it snap easily or does it sort of bend a bit before it breaks?

    Also, how does it feel when you handle the buds? Is it sticky, wet, or dry? Does it crumble into powder when you break it up?
  5. We can't feel high for you buddy...

    Pictures give appearance of bud a solid 7.5/10. To me, looks like Fire OG. the fuzzy hairs are pretty spot on of that genotype
  6. are you saying stems breaking, or bending is better?

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  7. Depends on you. I prefer it snaps easily cause it's a dryer cure. Also get more bang for your buck (less water weight). But sometimes if it's dry it's too harsh or lacks in flavor.

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