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Good weed?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by ThePizzaGuy, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. [​IMG] Bought this about a week ago, paid 40 for what looks to be 2 grams. Came ground like it is in the picture. Is this ok or is it some ditch weed. Bought from a friend (first post here on grass city so forgive me if I didn't do some thing right)

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  2. I just digitally smoked some through my USB smokilator and it tasted OK. I'd avoid buying it like that again, if I were you.
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  3. I was desperate and don't have really any connections haha. Just wanted opinions on if it's any good or not, lots of little stuff stuck to the container so there are crystals

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  4. I wouldn't spend $20 for a g that's expensive... Also I would try to stay away from buying "pre grinded" weed because it's probably just some shake. It's best to buy nugs like this I paid 10 a g for this [​IMG]

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  5. Wow, shake like that can be bought for a few bucks a gram.

    Next time, buy nugs.
  6. Well, nobody can tell from a picture. I mean, it kinda looks like weed but we can't be sure. Put it this way, is this beer good?
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  7. It is highly probable since it's not in a can... but could also be just some IPA.
  8. You asking for a fight? Cause IPA is my jam.
  9. Not really, but we're have to i guess.

    IPA tastes like crushed advil...
    I know because I chewed on some when I had a bad toothache
  10. Yeah. When I do buy I like to get nugs but this is all I had open to me at the time.

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  11. That's fine, I've been able to be friendly with people who are different...I guess.
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  12. I like my wheats, and some stouts.

    But I'm a silver tequila guy...
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  13. I wouldn't buy pre-ground weed, nor would I pay $20 a g.
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  14. You got ripped off. I'm not saying that its bad weed but you paid too much for something thats pre ground.

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