Good way to keep closet cool this summer...

Discussion in 'Grow Room Design/Setup' started by nt3grals, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. I am going to be growing in a 36"x22"x63" tent, which will be on the inside of my walk-in closet. Im going to also be growing with 2 300w galaxy hydro led's, & will have ventilation running out of a tent through a 6" inline fan. I know the temps rise in the closet when summer approaches and im wandering if anyone has any good suggestions as to what i should do to keep the closet cool. I can definitely keep the door open most of the time, but every other weekend we will have the kids here and it'll have to stay closed. Any suggestions as to what i can buy or do that wont cost me out the arse...? Thanks!

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  2. Make sure you're running the ducting OUT of the closet maybe into the attic. If you can't vent the hot air out of the closet then you're just going to be using the same hot air.

    If that's not possible invest in a mini AC unit and leave it in the walk in closet.
  3. Yeah i knew that, that's why i was wandering if anyone had any suggestions on maybe a good mini unit that isnt too overly expensive. It really sucks bcuz i just sold one for my dad on ebay a while back that was freaking badass! If i had only known. Lol.

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  4. If you have ac in the room the negative air pressure should be enough..can also cut it back to one light just for every other weekend
  5. Well there definitely is air conditioning in the bedroom, but that closet is on an outside wall of the house, & i know it gets a tad warmer in there during the summer months than it does in the rest of the house. It shouldnt be an issue when i can leave that door open most of the time, but im just kind of concerned what the temperatures may hit in the tent when lights are out and the door is closed to the closet. I want to make sure i keep the closet dark during dark hours just to guarantee there are no light leaks of any sort during flowering. I'll be running the ducting in to the bedroom when we dont have the kids, but when we do, obviously i cant do that. Lol

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