Good two-part grinders.

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  1. Since I've primarily switched to joints over glass, it occurs to me that I might not want to sift out the keif and get it all in my jays. This idea was furthered in my mind by this video.

    So I'm looking for a good two-part grinder that grinds finely--not to dust, but fine enough to get a full gram into a 1.25 cone. I rarely get into my keif and usually leave it in my grinders, so rather than let it lose freshness and potentcy through oxidation, I might as well use it immediately, or at least try it for a while. :confused_2:

    Any recommendations?
  2. If your looking for cheap, maybe check or

    If your looking for expensive, maybe check out Amazon. They even have "herb" grinders that you can put your own name/text/logo/etc. on!

    I'd highly recommend a sharpstone grinder though. They are very well built grinders, or a space case if your into trippy stuff. Space case even makes a titanium grinder, which I'm sure would grind up great.
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  3. Thanks for the feedback! Was thinking of getting a Futo grinder because I like the idea of a high quality wooden grinder. Luckily, I finally found a Raw Life Grinder in stock at (I think) and it's on its way! I'll remove the screen and use it as a two-piece grinder.
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    It sucks where i live cause they dont sell thesemcdvoice mybkexperience tellhappystar and i use to only use these when i lived in FL but i want these back...

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