Good to see B G finally freed

Discussion in 'Marijuana News' started by cmguire, Dec 9, 2022.

  1. About time too.
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  2. I agree, but why did you join a weed growing forum just to post that? :lmafoe:
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  3. Well she has communist friends in the U.S. so she will have a wonderful joyful trip back to the states where she hates anyways. Too bad.
  4. Didn't follow the story and don't give a rats ass. She can stay there, almost sounds like she belongs there anyway.
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    The merchant of death for a basketball player. A man that has countless lives on his hands, a arms dealer. During a time of war at that, for a basketball player that knew the laws but thought she was above them. Gtf outta here

    With thousands still locked up in the USA over the same shit. But Griner is free hurray, the kneeling inconsiderate c-list celebrity, who hates her country.
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  6. Yep just like obiden said she should not have been in jail. Well fake ass president how many people are in jail for stupid crap here in america dumb shiit.
  7. Knowingly flying with drugs?
  8. We are sending weapons to Ukraine to help them fight the Russians, and now we have traded a notorious arms dealer, who will provide weapons to Russia to fight the Ukrainians, for Griner who stupidly tried to smuggle vape cartridges into Russia after Americans were told to stay away from it due to the Ukraine situation.

    This is the logic of Joe Biden.
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