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Discussion in 'General' started by intheplace, Feb 23, 2004.

  1. I'm thinking about getting a tatoo soon and i want to know what are some good ideas for me to get...or good tatoo ideas in general for anyone to get.
  2. Get the Target logo...
    One on each butt cheek...

    Then get a face tattooed on your lower back...

  3. i want daisies like in a vine going around my belly button. but i'm to chicken;) one of these days...........

  4. Something that means a lot to you that you find aesthetically pleasing. Yes, this is the generic answer to your g question.
  5. You shouldn't be getting a tattoo if you can't come up with the idea for it yourself.
  6. this is original ink, not just flash, don't copy my shit

    i think this idea for a tattoo is very awesome, and personally that's why i got it! that's my arm..

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  7. get something that means something to you. look around and decide what you really like. I designed my own tattoo and I'm glad I did because I know it's totally unique.
  8. Design your own tattoo definately. I designed my own tattoo and my wifes they are based around the initials of our kids and our own initials. It is totally unique and you will never see a tattoo the same.

    Keeep on tokin'
  9. You sound like you are getting one just for the sake of it.Have you thought about the size,what part of your body is getting tattooed,colour or black & white,any writing and if so what style.Before you rush out and get one think about why you want that particular one.Tattoos are for life not just for youth.I have a love heart in barbed wire and a green mushroom man and the top bit is red with spots.I would like more but don't have the cash as I want to go big.
  10. for my mom's 50th birthday, she took me and my sister to get tattoos.

    my mom got a crescent moon and 2 stars on her ankle that represent her and the two of us, my sister got a tribal frog (a little bigger than a quarter) on her wrist, and i got the date my dad died in binary down the side of my calf...


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  11. my best friend and i are going to get cheech and chong tattood on our hips, we are not sure exactly what it is going to look like but we got the general idea...good luck!
  12. i just have a tribal cross between the shoulder blades. sort of represents my ideas about religion. somethings there, but its not so cut and dry as a christian cross (as im not a jesus believer, though i do think something had do start this all at somepoint)

    i want another, but only places i can think of id want it are forearm or neck, and those are a bit to obvious, i like something you can hide behind some clothes for say a job interview... (though the forearm one could be covered with long sleeves)
  13. umm why do you want a tattoo of 2 mexicans you've prolly never met?

  14. What about people who have tattoos of Jesus?Have they met him?Someone having a tattoo of someone living or dead is because they admire that person or they share their views or philosophy on life.

  15. Yeah, thats kind of like what I got. Mines a gothic style cross between the shoulder blades. I want to get more work done somewhere down the line.
  16. All that gothic/celtic stuff has been done to death it,looks boring to me.The best tattoo I have seen is of a guy riding a harley davidson with mountains and general background but if you looked carefully you could see a wolf in the mountain and a bear but you don't see it at first.I am going to Hanky Panky in Holland for mine as my bf lived there for years and they are very good.The police identified my ex by his tattoo though so it can be a hindrance.Everyone over 18 should be tattooed.

  17. since when is chong mexican?

  18. Since he had sex with Cheech.

  19. It's called a half-sleeve
  20. well i want somthin on my shoulder like right above the shoulder blade.I want it to be about 4-5 inches I know designing it myself would be the best and i can draw somthin of my own but im probably not goin to get one for about 1/2yr so im just tryin to get some ideas. I dont care if you people think if i should get one i just want some good ideas

    I have heard some good ones....i apprecaite them also i am not to religious at all so i know im not getting anything dealing with religion but i will get somthin spiritual.

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