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Good Stuff to Have around

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by cloudman, Jul 7, 2003.

  1. I would just like to share with you all (cause im bored and sober) my two smoking prized smoking possions (besides my bong, pipe, hokah, and pack of honey flavoerd blunts). They are the little things that aid me to get high, happily.

    1st- My Beaded Bic cover. it's yelow red and green and says in small black leters on the top and bottom "rasta for life" it also has a lion wearing a crown in the center. it is made out of glass beads and elasic theard so I can just put it on any bic. (I no im gonna lose it some day)

    2nd- A long razor blade that the sears guys left. It is like a regular blade cept it's long (3 inchs) and skinny. It comes up to a thick part and i put some green skate bored grip tape on (so i dont lose a finger) the handle like part and wrote my name on it. I dont use it for coke or any thing it is just really good to have around. You Can clean desk off, trim weed, get the dank in a j nice and straight, cut plasick bottles in have to make cups for yor seeds ect ect ect. It great, i have a steele in the house and i keep that suker sharp.

    (im shocked if you havent fallen asleep yet)

    3rd- (dont worry it's last) a pair of stainless steel tweasers that i stole from longs when i was 14. Ya i stole em but if i lost em i would pay 50 bucks to get 'em back. WE have gone therw thick and thin together. He (his name is steely dan) has rotated countless bowls, uncloged at least 30 diffent bongs, moved weed so sticky that if you touched it you would lose some of your hit, more recent ly moved my seeds evr so gently from the bottom of a cup of water to there temperary home in some wet pappre towls ect ect ect

    i love these things like childern and i justed wanted to share them. i would higly recomend that you get a razor blade and twesers of your own.

    feel free to post any of the little things that makin gettin stoned that much better

    love to all, cloudman
  2. i like weed
  3. I dig the Grateful Dead icon thingy at the bottom of your posts. Is there a way to get that same pic but only much bigger?
  4. Ewwwwwww me too MS Ganji want one so i can put it at the bottom of my name or/and another for an avator. Sorry i just love it! its awesome!

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