Good strains that can survive on their own.

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by stonednhappy, Mar 29, 2006.

  1. What are some strains that will grow without much attention? I am going to be on a one month vacation in the middle of my grow so I would need a strain that can survive on its own while im away. Any sugestions would be appreciated. Thanks
  2. Dude you can get a timer for the lighting part of it and possibly a timed water pump but i wouldn't leave it for that long.

  3. I'm assuming our friend here is growing outdoors, in which case I would suggest starting the plants indoors to ensure they are healthy then transplatning outdoors. As far as strains, check out any seed bank and look under outdoor strains, alot have descriptions of how easy or difficult they are to grow, I'm not sure on any specifics.
  4. I would just forget about that whole idea, or find a good friend who can tend to them. A month is about half of the entire grow, and sweet mary jane needs her attention. Maybe if you live in like seattle where it will get plenty of rain, otherwise, good luck.
  5. Half of the entire grow? As long as you plan your grow out, prepare correctly for pest control, and get rain once in awhile you should be able to get away with leaving them alone for a month, but I wouldnt put a ton of money into it, alot can fuck up in that time. As I was saying earlier, if you have the plants established prior to leaving, you'll have a better chance at success.
  6. I've thought about this more and I think there are just too many things to fuck your grow over in that amount of time. Think about it:

    -Lack of water
    -Lack of nutrients
    -Lack of sunlight

    Corrective measures can be taken to fix any of those, but as long as you're not there to look after them something is bound to go wrong and without being around to fix it you'd be SOL.
  7. I think mother nature will do fine, as long as your in the right climate condition where you live. I think the number one threat will come from pests and animals. I also agree you should start them indoor and trasplant

    good luck
  8. if you can go to a local hardware store and buy a spool of chicken wire, this will keep almost any curious mammal out of your plot. As far as bugs, you;ll just have to cross your fingers. As fas as water, remember roots exist so they can search for ground water, if rain were plants only source of water, there'd be no plants on most of this earth. ;)

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