Good strains for the north east?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by OCDgrow, Apr 14, 2016.

  1. It seems like the strain I tried outdoors finished late last year. It was thc bomb from It was great indoors but with it finishing so late it became hard to combat budrot and it gets cold.

    Is there a strain that is resistant to budrot? or deals with the damp mornings well? or finishes fast so i dont have to worry about them still out in november. Im not interested in autos. Thc bomb

    I was looking at a few strains but it was hard to find people who have tried them from
    Purple Power flowering time 10-12weeks
    Hash Plant flowering time 8-10weeks
    girl scout cookies flowering time 8-10weeks
    ak47 flowering time 8-10weeks
    northern lights flowering time 8-10 weeks

    THC Bomb was also an 8-10week flowering time according to the site. I am going to try some super sweet tooth because i have some but I wanted to try some more that might be more suited to the envoroment.

  2. You could always go with autos but a lot of people dont like them.
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  3. A good seed bank will allow you to sort your search by strains designed for indoor, outdoor, and even region or climate. Mine does at least. 10 weekers are a plus depending on how far north you are

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  4. Yes mine does as well. Well they dont have region or climate. They have categories like indoor, outdoor, indoor/outdoor, cbd strains, medical strains. Then theres some filters you can change depending on thc content, flowering time ect.

    After going through a bunch those strains i listed were the ones i was wondering about.
  5. Can you link the seed bank please?

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  6. Out of 20+ strains I grew this year it was TH Seeds French Cookies that came in very early for me this year. No worries about finishing in time. No bud rot either, good smoke and very decent yield. A nice strain for those who want an early September harvest.
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