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Good strain for new smokers...

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by polish ninja, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Any suggestions? Been using tinctures for my headaches. Wife for pain. Tinctures are okay but sometimes waiting for them to start working sucks.
  2. Id suggest a nice indica a calm relaxing body high.
  3. The hell is a tincture?

  4. you use your wife for pain?
  5. Basically some kinda variation on "green dragon" (weed-infused vodka)

    I reckon Maui-Waui, Skunk or something not TOO strong, if you've not smoked much if any before it's gonna get you blasted and if you build a tolerance to the point skunk doesn't effect you (like some heavy smokers on here) you'll be glad of strong strains!

    Definately something weaker
  6. Tinctures main purpose is for helping whatever ailment you have, the buzz being secondary. My suggestion would be something that makes you happy, strawberry cough, sour d, blue dream. Assuming of course you can pick up from a dispensary. Otherwise names aren't worth a damn thing.
  7. #7 polish ninja, Aug 13, 2011
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    Ha! That didn't come out right..... Meant wife uses for pain... Oops. Anyway. Thanks for the input so far. I would agree that a week strain is probably best. Smoked a couple of times and was totally blasted.... And a the tincture I mentioned is Everclear with weed soaked in it for about a month. Strain out the weed aftarwards of course. Gives a mild high and works pretty good for pain. More of a body high. Smoking is more instant relief though.

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