Good songs to listen to drunk?

Discussion in 'General' started by Drugs&Tacos, Feb 24, 2014.

  1. Qwastion above. 

  2. This is a weed forum not alcohol...
  3. young wild and free snoop dogg and wiz khalifa.
  4. Ummmmm. Clearly u dont understand my situation. Let me alliterate.
    So i got 4 months of probation and i get drug tested. I dont want to get a fucked in da ass, so i say stop weed for 4 months or so, thennn i can smoke after 4 months. But right now i drick alcy untill the probo is over. But i agree with you, MARIJUANA is waaaayyy better then alcy. But dis my shit right now. Sorry bud.
  5. Good ass song, never listened to it drunk, but im gonna right now.
  6. Ohhhhhh shit. Thanks bro. /means alot. This is feeling good. Got any more suggestions? Your the man. FYI, i bolded, italized, and underlined that so you would read it first.
  7. can always go with some classic snoop. drop it like its hot. if your into reggae bob marley is awesome drunk just like when your high.
  8. k ill give it a shot. Havent been drunk in forever,forgot what it feels like, lol
  9. no pun intenede

    Trying to cover all the ways of getting drunk, I'll come back with more.
  11. Ight thanks bro. never heard of 3 loco, only 4 loko.
  12. Wouldn't let me post the other video. If you like Metal, Alestorm is awesome I was trying to post their song "Rum" since it is drink themed. Check out some of Three Loco's other songs if you like it their first and only CD is pretty great.
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    you cant go wrong with southern rock/blues. its like made for drinking.

    any celtic punk.

    but if you're more into hip hop
  14. Any song is good when you're drunk
  15. Iggy and the Stooges, Led Zeppelin, The Cars
  16. No...
    This is a toker's section.
    But this is a weed, tobacco, alcohol forum.
  17. Young wild and free is older than shit. But if you're into that then my recommendations won't help. Anyways:
    Pink Floyd - Shine On You Crazy Diamond
    Pink Floyd - Hey You
    Wu-Tang Clan (any song)
    Snoop and Wiz - French Inhale (popular but not my type of music)

    Sublime - Garden Grove
    Sublime - what I've got
    The White Stripes - Catch Hell Blues
    Awolnation - guilty filthy soul

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