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  1. just let me know if you guys tthink this soil will work for starting marijuana? Then i will be transplanting it into some organic soil mix from the nursery when its old enough. Thank you...

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  2. bump 22 reviews no replys :(??
  3. Yes. It will grow tomato's, potato's and yes, even marijuana. Is it a 'good' solution for a seed to sprout in? Shrug, seems like a waste of cash to me. Nutrients usually cause problems for sprouts, as they need none. So you could use a single grodan cube, jiffy pellet or even plain sawdust and a seed would reason to spend extra on special 'seed soil'....
  4. its not speical it contains no nutes in it and was only 3.99 a bag. The reason why I ask is because I used this soil awhile ago and my seedlings died... Ive had 2 success grows then i had like 4 faild grows. So its been a few months and im trying to attempt this again. This time im not using tap water. I think maybe tap water was my problem who knows I just wanted to make sure this soil will work though I thought it would but my plants died last time. Hopefully it was my water
  5. Right on - chances are good, if a seedling died, it was due to drowning it. It's the 'usual' cause, though disease and other factors certainly can be present.

    Give it a whirl - remember, you should only have to water a seedling MAYBE once every 7-10 always error on the side of dryness vs. wetness when unsure whether to water or not.

    If growing multiples then it's a good idea when ya think about watering em - only water 1. Wait a day...did the others droop down or are they still looking fine? Obviously, if they're fine then ya know you watered 1 of them too early.... This is kinda how I find the 'sweet spot' for watering when beginning.
  6. they did droop towards the end of death but they started to turn yellow and brown.. When i was in my expirement stage I actually went one water every 2 weeks just to see maybe i was over watering. So honestly im not sure. I started thinking maybe it was my tap water? Its hard to judge by this dirt that I have now it has washed sand in it and the dirt seems to dry out so fast so its hard to judge. But this time im gonna use destilled water and make sure my ph levels are on point. hopefully i dont have to post on grasscity again for help me it got so frusterating i had to quit growing for awhile :) lol. im really crossing my fingers hoping my tap water was an issue.
  7. Right on... Personally, I'd recommend this time around to do it using a grow journal. There's no reason NOT to use this board, and everyone on it, to help you grow the biggest buds possible. A grow journal is a great place to not only share your experience for others to learn from, but also can give you the feedback ya need to get some buds for your efforts.
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    Thanks for the help man. And I may just take advantage of the grow journal. I do have a couple more questions thoough. If there is any hidden mold or if the humidity is low or to high. Will a seedling atleast still grow pretty far into veg stage before it gets effected? This is how my situation went while i was tryin to figure out why my seedlings werent growing. They would grow Like they should the frist 3 days. After the frist 3 days they would slow down and barely grow the frist set of leafs that grow not the little round things that die after awhile the frist set of leafs wouldnt grow BIG its like it got stuned in growth and was growing small and slow and then started to turn yellow and brown. I know that seems like over watering and I thought so too. So my next time i grew some seedlings I made sure I didnt over water and yet it again it did same thing. Thanks for the help again man.
  9. You realize you have just, almost to the letter, described over watering.... no shit, you listed pretty much every symptom. hehehe....

    READ The Sick Plants guide - just google it... you'll get all the info and more than you ever wanted on troubleshooting the ladies.

    Truth is though, as suspected, it's rarely some disease/mold/fungus/alien creature that kills seedlings - just you and me. hahah.... overwatering is the #1 killer of seedlings/sprouts.

    Read read read...
  10. I know over watering is.. But like I said I did it 4 times and made sure not to over water the next grows and same thing happen... I was making my soil dead dry and then even waited an extra day then water again they still were dying... Ive has 2 success grows and yielded about an ounce a plant with 3 plants. Just a small cfl set up. Well im gonna try this again.... Im starting to think maybe Its not meant to be lol...
  11. ORRRR it was my nasty tap water??? This time I Have distilled water and making sure the ph is around 6.5..... I didnt pay to much attention all the other times so maybe i just got lucky with my 2 real grows lol
  12. Sounds like a plan... This time try paying attention to every detail - you're killing your plants, it's important to pay attention to what you're doing....OR, it's just not meant to be and you've got a black thumb.

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