Good shit vs bad shit

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  1. Got this last night. It's is really strong. had some weak shit last time. Can anyone tell me what it is by sight. 1 joint of this and I'm tripping my balls off. I'm also at work so it's awsome. Yeah boyyyy

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    Looks like good shit. Find someone to piss clean and mail that shit to me so I can "dispose of it"

    I think controlled burn would be a proper method of disposal

    Dude youd have to be like a weed expert to tell the strain through a pic. Jesus man

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  3. susquehanna weed
  4. It's Honey Boo Boo Dookie Haze x Willy Dilly Wonka Dick Cheese Berry.
    OBVIOUSLY... :smoking:
  5. You can't really tell a strain from a picture bro.
  6. Goot weet
  7. I like that through the use of slang, calling something 'shit' can actually be a form of praise. 
  8. That's some Freddie OG crossed with Mercury Haze.

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  9. Looks good bro I'm jealous. Probably pineapple express. Jk it's impossible to tell.
  11. This weed doesn't even look that good..?  :hide:
    Just looks like some typical shit people'd sell for dank in a nonmedical state.
  12. Try Leafly?
  13. I knew there was a weed jedi out there
  14. Penis pump kush

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