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  1. i just recently found some really good reggae songs to listen to while you're stoned, hell i've come to like them when i'm sober, here's a few of them, let me know what you guys think
    time bomb by iration;
    bowl for two by the expendables;
    coconut girl by brother noland (from the movie pineapple express);
    trouble up there by stick figure;
    twisted love by seedless;
    legalize it by peter tosh;
    wanted dread and alive by peter tosh;
    i chase the devil by max romeo;
    so there's my list, hope you guys enjoy it, and share some good reggae songs that i may have missed, stay lifted!!!!

  2. theres a couple other reggae threads. you should contribute to those and keep them going instead of starting a new one :smoking:
  3. okay cool, well i didn't really notice those at first, and i kinda wanted to start a new one because then i could have people just replying to the topic instead of a bunch of people replying to my post in another thread, i'll keep it in mind though
  4. Here's a great one- International Herb-jah light... Not the original but imo better then the original
  5. nice!!! sorry for the late reply, i just heard this song, it's awesome

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