Good ps2 games?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by iconocl4st, May 29, 2009.

  1. I was wondering if you dudes could tell me about some sweet ps2 games. I want something I can play while baked, and preferably 2 player so I can play with my friends.
    I already have tony hawk and katamari but I want moooore.
  2. Black FTW!
  3. i don't play ps2 anymore but i used to play socom navy seals, nhl hitz, madden, tiger woods, and gta vice city. :D

    smoke a blunt with some friends and play tiger woods, its really relaxing.
  4. [QUOTE
    smoke a blunt with some friends and play tiger woods, its really relaxing.[/QUOTE]

    ^this. when i was in korea, that all i used to do!!!
  5. Any of the Grand Theft Auto games. Especially San Andreas, my favorite game ever.
    NBA Street 2, which I still play to this day
  6. hahah okay I will have to try tiger woods, that sounds cool.
  7. Silent Hill 3. The best of them all, and creepy as hell.
  8. my boyfriend used to play this game called god of war allllllllll the freaking time. so I guess that's a good one...
  9. either silent hill 2 (the best one lol) or GOD OF WAR GAMES seriously god of war 1 and 2 are like super intense when your high they are fun as shit
  10. Either of the god of war games, some of my favorite games of all time.
  11. Final Fantasy 10 if you're into RPGs, the God of War titles, the Devil May Crys, the latest Midnight Club they made for the PS2, Madden...
  12. San Andreas, 007 Nightfire, Midnight Club 2
  13. /thread
  14. Red Faction 2.

    I was literally just playing capture the flag on this game.
  15. ratchet and Clank series. [it's usually one player, few games have two] They really are funny and fun to play while baked. Sober they are eh.

    NBA ballers.
  16. Kratos FTW!!! Deffs god of war, two is better than one though both are awsome. Also starwars battlefront one and two and ratchet and clank 1-3, jak and daxter 1-3 and san andreas and vice city. I just finished Canis Canem Edit (I think it was released as Bully in the US) and that was pretty sweet too. So much choice...
  17. nba live 2004 I would bet money on it that I could beat anyone in the world in that game no lie im absolutely sick with it
  18. Yes, this, except I think the first one is better because of how the story is told.

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