good products for acne?

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  1. oddly enough threwout my highschool i went threw it with maybe 2 or 3 pimples the whole time. Well now im in college and i'm starting to breakout like crazy,i want to go pick something up but i don't know what works well,anyone know?
  2. I don't really have acne that bad, but I have tried several anti-acne products.

    Honestly, the thing that works the best is to change your diet. Drink nothing but water, and all around just eat healthy.
  3. go to the doc's and they'll give you some cream that drys the fuck out your face. Gets rid of the acne but its harsh on the face.

    If that shit doenst work, they'll give you some acne med's that block off the part of your body that sends oils to your face and it will permanently knock it out your system. Shits harsh though. It can carry some hardcore side effects.

    yeah, acne runs horribal though my family and with football and sports it used to act up like crazy. So i know my shit lol
  4. plain white Colgate toothe paste, you can actually feel it killing your zit and it can make it completely disapear within a day or 2 if you put it on there 2 or 3 times a day for a hour or so at a time
  5. water and i are not friends.

    but i'll give it a try i got this stuff oxy right now but it makes my face feel like i got plastic surgery.
  6. Well, I never had acne really I wouldn't say. But I'd breakout every once in a while with a patch of zits. I used Neutrogena stuff and it cleared it right up. I don't get zits at all anymore really. I use the bar of soap in the white box (it's an orange bar of soap) and the Clear Pore stuff (it's a blue liquid). Cheap and worked for me. Just find something that fits with your skin type and doesn't dry your face out too bad.
  7. I use a combination of neutragena facial scrub and stridex face the scrub in the shower in the morning and the stridex right after that and right before bed....only a few SMALL ones will show every once in awhile, but they usually go away after a day or so....
  8. Whenever you wake up or do anything that makes your face feel kinda oily or whatever, just wash your face with water and maybe some anti acne cream and it should be prevented. It's mostly when you wake up and you'll have grossface or something, or after smoking your face gets a bit more oily.
  9. Don't buy any anti-acne products, they all suck and will make you break out far worse if you have sensitive skin like me.

    Go to a doctor.
    Ask for an anti-acne prescription.
    They'll probably give you what they gave me, Differin, a topical cream.

    You apply it before you go to sleep.
    It rapidly dries your face, however, it has one problem.
    It can cause white-heads to appear more when you first start using it.
    If you're like me, and you can't stand white-heads, you'll enjoy popping them.

  10. i can't stand whiteheads but i hate popping them.
  11. Before you start getting into prescriptions that burn them off your face, try an over the counter product.

    I think there are two main types:

    Ones with Salicylic acid

    And ones with Benzoyle Peroxide
  12. Really?
    My god, the tiny little bastards are so satisfying to pop (I'm not talking about a huge-ass painful zit, just the little white puss-like pore cloggers).
  13. proactive dude it really does work if you actually use it, it doesn't dry out your face either because one of the things is lotion
  14. ^^ My wife swears by Pro active too, now wal-mart has a generic version thats cheaper.
  15. i use clean and clear deep cleaning astringent, it's like sea breeze except it's blue. It works really well.
  16. Thats what I use it works great
  17. I agree with this. If you eat alot of greasy shit cut some of that out of your diet. Also go to wally world and buy some Neutrogena soap [it comes in a white box, its for acne-prone skin]. I also use Benzamycin, a topical cream which is a form of benzoyl peroxide and it works great. My skin is so clear following these suggestions, hopefully you'll find something that works for you.
  18. Oxy pads son. Only way to go.
  19. none of that OTC shit actually works, ive tried everything u can think of and nothing works, i have acne moderately and i went to the dermotologist and they prescribed me for accutane, that shits the best, i NEVER get acne anymore :hello:
  20. dont pick at it a lot it wil only get worse get some products from your doctor and ask for not too much alcohol in ti becuz it will dry your face up and sting like a bitch and wash your face every night before applying medicine also migt want to change your diet and if all that doesnt work then you could get proactiv no more acne forever for a price

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