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Good price for Half ounce

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by PublicEnemy20, Dec 30, 2012.

  1. So I'm away from my apartment this month for winter break, I'm staying at my mom's house. My dealer here found somebody who would be willing to sell me a half ounce for 170. Is this a good price? The last half ounce I got was lemon haze for 150. The one before that was kush for 120. I was thinking this must be really good weed then, or he is just looking to rip me off. Wanted to see what you guys usually get it for. Try to be realistic with prices btw, I know some people love to talk about their homey hookups and what not, but does 170 sound reasonable?
  2. A half ounce is 14 grams, and weed is 10$ a gram where i am so multiple 14 by 10, 140$ so idk the street price of your weed but it should be around 130-160 for a half ounce, make SURE you ask your dealer to weigh it
  3. that really depends on where you live, for me i would never do that. I would never go for something less than 120 for a half, and that would be some very good stuff but i'm here in cali. my last half was 50

    I do know that some people pay up to 300 for a zip, making 170 not too bad.
  4. in CO halfs are 90$ to 110 ha its all area dependent, where are you OP?

  5. I'm in AZ, and grams are usually $20 but you can get them for $15 if you're lucky.
  6. Those are regular prices if you live in the south, although it has decreased a little
  7. That's not a bad price where I used to live in PA/NJ, average was probably 180$ but now the average is closer to 90$ off the street, ounces for 180$ in NorCal so it does really all depend. All I can say is make sure it weighs out right and inspect it before you buy it.

  8. Sounds like a decent price then. I'd still try to get the $120 or $150 half, I mean you know they're around

    I bet your connect is just getting it for like $120-$150 and taxing it

  9. Yeah, and I've never met this guy. it's my buddy's connect. I'm a bit hesitant. I don't wanna go there and ask to weigh it out and find out he has no scale.
  10. Damn i get my halfs for 80
  11. If he has no scale he shouldn't be selling? You can't eyeball a half ounce...
  12. I need to find a good dealer in Phoenix then.

  13. If he doesn't have a scale, tell him you're not buying until he gets one. He'll have one though, every dealer has a scale even if they just sell little gram bags, they'll usually take the 10 dollar loss and get a scale.

    It all depends on your area, I'm in NY and your prices are around the same as mine. Depends on the quality of bud.

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