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  1. hey guys i was just wondering if anyone knew what the best organic potting mix would be if i am growing a autoflower outdoors in the heat of south texas. any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Fox Farms is very popular around these parts (FoxFarm Soil & Fertilizer Company). Welcome to the forums.

    This can be bought at any hydro store, as its practically made for MJ.
  3. thanks for the help i ended up ordering some ocean forest and big bloom. im gonna order some auto great white shark seeds to attempt to grow outside. do you think these plants would last in these ridiculously hot temps? either way i was planning on germinating the seed in a shady spot in the soil i bought, after it sprouted i was planning on then putting it in its final spot where it will recieve direct sun light from 8:30 - till around 2:30.. this is my first "real" grow with seeds other than shitty shwag so any tips to avoid fuck ups is really helpful
  4. I use a mix of 50% coco peat, 40% FoxFarms Ocean Forest, 5% course sand and 5% perlite. I also mix in about 1/2 cup of FINE dolomite lime per gallon of soil, this helps stabalize PH. I have been using this mix for awhile now after having used dozens of other formula's. It has great water retention and great aeration properties.
  5. Dr earth organic potting soil... Check out my first sig.. Got just short of 2oz in 65 days!
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    From seed?
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    Ye buddy that stuff is the shit...

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