good ol' eastern PA

Discussion in 'General' started by negligent, Apr 14, 2004.

  1. well life is good over around pittsburgh, and do you know y???


    haha, and to make things even better its cheaper than it usually is so i'm enjoying this while it lasts...

    anybody else havin an acid wave round their area?
  2. Silly me, but I could have sworn Pittsburg was in the western part of PA. LOL
  3. haha whoa i didnt even realize i said eastern, my bad haha, excuse me but i'm currently trippin, holdup i'll change it

    there we go haha, thanks for informing me
  4. LOL, no problem. Acid has kinda been going around here (well, at least I've been hearing more rumours than usual) but I can't do it anyway. Have to wait until the fall, and by then it will probably be gone.
  5. yeah man, I am close by and acid is everywhere . . . I still haven't gotten a good weekend to try it out yet, but maybe once the weather is nicer.
  6. Acid is no good here but back home in Pittsburgh it seems to be going good lol!
  7. I just bought some acid and I cant wait to do to, there like rolls and rolls all over the place here in Central PA, right outside of H-burg
  8. i wish.... :( acid hasn't really been plentiful around here these last few years... we're lucky to score a few gel tabs every couple of years.....

    i wish my town was flowin with it....
  9. mmm tripping my balls off walking through the Mexican War Streets on the Northside at night. i moved away from Pittsburgh a year ago :( It was the only place that I could get good acid.

    the pot in Pittsburgh wasn't too bad either :D i used to walk 3 miles uphill bothways (can be true if you go over a bridge) to get 30 dollar 1/8ths of some really heady stuff that usually put me into a deep sleep after 2 bowls. Or I could go 2 doors down the hall and buy some normal nugs. What a great and horrible environment to live in. So much good drugs, so much temptation, so little money by the time I left.

    I miss all my hippie friends from there. If anyone lives nearby, there's a festival in Indiana, PA the weekend of May 1st called Waterfall jam. My old roommate knows the guy who runs it apparently. Good line up this year or so I hear. Definately coming down.
  10. I wish I could find acid up here in Michigan. Everybody always says they know someone that can get it, but it always falls through.....
    I'll definitely get some 'cid once I'm down in Tenessee for Bonnaroo....

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